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Realtime security cameras?

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They do already. If you use a camera thing in a map, it shows what's going on in the map where the camera is.

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Not inside Doom Builder, or even GZDoom Builder. You have to run the game to see the cameras working. Same with portals.

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from the animdefs wiki (youll need to define a texture for the camera to display to in animdefs)

CAMERATEXTURE <texture name> <width> <heigth> [fit <width> <height> [worldpanning]] //put this part in animdefs and define the texture parameters


Define a texture that can be drawn into. You have to specify a name and a size. If <texture name> is an existing texture the image will be scaled to fit that texture's size. Optionally, you can also specify the size the image will be scaled to with the FIT keyword. Adding the worldpanning keyword makes camera textures pan in world units instead of texture units.

Square textures use less memory than non-square textures. However, if you want to use a camera that can see the texture it renders into, you should use a non-square texture. You have to use the SetCameraToTexture ACS command to specify the image this texture shows.

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