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Last man standing coop 4.0 vs OpenCoop alpha 2.0:

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Which is better and why?


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For me, LMS4.0 is better for a classic doom experience but, sadly, it lacks of a good survival design. It allows you to play with infinite lives or just only one live (seta lms_hardcore 1). It's perfect for play invasions and fast action gameplay.


OpenCoop is better as a Survival Coop mod (healthpool system is great) and this is very important because in OpenCoop you feel challenged when playing (In LMS4.0 its just non-sense shooting or imposible to win with just 1 live, talking about the prog_ maps). Sadly, it feels incomplete compared to LMS4.0.
The custom maps system works better in OpenCoop (it allows you to play custom maps with ROE monsters and weapons).

I love both mods, but I like more OpenCoop than LMS4.0

What do you think?

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I Like OpenCoop Healthpool system and the Character customization options it offers, and there's plenty of custom maps to play using OpenCoop, but I also like LMS 4.0 Hardcore mode and the netcode feels more responsive in LMS 4.0 than OpenCoop, I prefer LMS 4.0 only because of the netcode and responsivness.

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