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Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

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1 minute ago, Major Cooke said:

And yet in his statement I see nowhere an attack on the mod author himself.

I'm sorry? A call for stigmatizing the author as a loser is not an attack on them? Okay, Sarah Sanders.

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3 hours ago, Major Cooke said:

This thread. As I said, I'm not dragging his past in. He could have shaped up and learned his lesson from it.

Then why is he still trying to drag the mod through the mud? I don't know if you don't understand people or if this is some weird subtle trolling attempt, but for somebody to change, they need to actually act differently.


Thread shitting the mods thread before and after the cacowards, this thread itself, and then a somewhat unrelated thread, all for the same mod, doesn't really speak "changed man" any any sense of phrase.

Edited by Edward850

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On 12/16/2017 at 4:43 PM, anotak said:

the only reason i ever even ended up around here, and making a mod like lilith.pk3, was because i knew RottKing in an unrelated IRC room.

Wow, I knew it! That "the chaingun!!!!!" pickup message from lilith.pk3 wasn't a mere coincidence after all lmao


I, for one, greatly look forward to your next projects. Keep in mind that those supporting your work vastly outweigh those who try to undermine it.

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^I never thought that mock2's most ludicrous maps would resurface as as the most avant-garde experimental high-art Doom wads several years later.

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