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Scuba Steve

Cacowards 2018 Mentionation Thread (don't toot your own horn ffs)

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mapper of the year - antares031
most promising newcomer - bridgeburner


+struggle: antaresian legacy
+under a freezing sea



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My vote is for:

The Guncaster
- By Pillowblaster

It was re-made and released as version 3.0 on June 25 of 2018
The overhaul involved conversion of many aspects of the game to ZScript which included vast improvements to animation, additions of new mechanics, new items, a great update to the shop, the addition of support for Strife.wad, a new weapon and new spells.

The mod itself is a beautiful sight to behold and the code is very neat and tidy with lots of helpful commentary for the curious programmer/modder.

Whether it wins or not, I hope those of you who haven't checked it out yet will at least give it a look. It's quite the experience.

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My vote is for:

Quake Champions : Doom Edition

- By DBThanatos and Michaelis


The 2.0 version just came out and it's damn amazing. Fully compatible with Zandronum, it's a mod that encompasses both skill & fun factor when playing online, with a lot of champions with unique mechanics. Co-op and single player has been tackled as well, with themed monsters from Quake 1,2,4, Doom 2k16, Half Life (1 and 2), and many many others like Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem and Serious Sam that can either appear as a whole (theme-based monsters per map), or completely shuffled for maximum mayhem. Weapons feel unique with their upgrades that randomly drop in SP/Coop that change drastically how a weapon behaves.


All in all, a quality mod (without fps drops, forgot to mention that, even in demanding wads like Sunder/Sunlust/Deus Vult), really fun to play, enjoyable every time you fire it up.

Check it out here!

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