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Scuba Steve

Cacowards 2018 Mentionation Thread (don't toot your own horn ffs)

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+1000 to Alfonzone

Picked Alfonzone and Tangerine up after seeing people mention them so much.


TN looked nice but slowly turned into the kind of sprawling, switch-and-trigger-hunting levels with mindless mobs of enemies that I despise gameplay-wise,


and I have particular distaste for wads that end with or otherwise involve forced deaths yes this includes Scythe2 don't murder me

But dear ungod Alfonzone looks like it's going to replace joymaps5.pk3 as my new favourite level pack.

I've been aching for a replacement for Joy of Mapping 5 since GZDoom started throwing a "MenuHandler" error so I can't play it anymore.


I've been having so much fun doing my Guncaster Fists-And-Magic-Only run of Alfonzone

EDIT: Just wanted to also mention that I quite enjoyed Alfonzone's sense of humor

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Could it be one of the most fruity years for releases?
Dimensions of the boomed. Avactor. Struggle. REKKR. Exomoon. Tangerine Nightmare.
Doomer boards projects could be noteworthy releases if you like short, fun maps.
Also alot of great stuff pending for release this year, like: Travelling to the moon II, Eviternity, hopefully TNT2 and Kama Sutra 2.
Pretty sure i've forgot something good.


I forgot Adventures of Square E2.


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Exomoon and Doom 64 for Doom II get a vote from me as well.

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12 hours ago, Mere_Duke said:

Doom Slayer Chronicles

It's not even released yet. And given that the trailers showcase what seems like an uninspiring wave-based gameplay with uneven performance, I seriously doubt the mod will live up to its expectations.

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+Struggle  <--- Way to epic in way to many regards to mention all of them here.

+Doom 64 For Doom II <--- Sheer excelency

+Doomslayer Chronicles <--- Outstanding composition and visuals. And hey it -does- play darn pretty damn well for a V 1.0 of such an ambitious project IMHO. Additionally I think thats one of very few mods that has been made to be used in combination with other mods. So even if you do not like the gameplay you still can have it your way with your favourite mod. Come on, how cool is that? :)


So far 2018 has been a really good year for the doom community :)

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4 hours ago, Job said:

blighted moonbase


Worst Wad hasn't been a category since 2010.

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1 hour ago, Myst.Haruko said:

@Catpho Deviled is for gzdoom. Also, thanks for mention even if nobody will notice this little map :"""")


Glad you said this, because I had honestly forgotten about it. Worth a cacoward in my mind.

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Kama Sutra 2 for mordeth award but I'm maybe too optimistic...

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Hey, this thread. plenty of good releases this time but I can't name them all right now so I'll just start with what I personally have played the most and what stood out of the crowd for me.


+ for REKKR

+ for Quake Champions Doom Edition

+ for Diabolus Ex

+ for Freaky Panties


yay doom.

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