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Fragtrak - Numbers and Percentages, Oh my!

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What the hell is this thing?


Fragtrak is a mod which aims to provide you with tools to track weapon usage.

This mod has the following features:

• Bodycount tracking on all Vanilla Doom & Doom 2 weapons.
• Individual kill counters for every monster species on every weapon.
• A handy stat screen to check your achievements.


As an incentive you to push yourself to the boundaries of your skill, you also have the following fun bits:
• A Weapon ranks ladder to climb, up to over ten thousand kills!
• Every 1500 kills, you can reset your counter to 0 and obtain a shiny medal, up to eight per weapon.
• Every kill will give you XP towards a rank. The higher the difficulty, the weaker the weapon, and the stronger the enemy, the more XP you get!


And on top of that a bunch of little bells and whistles:

• Displays with colors that can be set!

• Displays that can be toggled on and off!

• Pick your favorite kill sound out of a colossal, massive, tremendous choice of five!

Download here!

You WILL need GZDoom Aug 01 2017 or latter to run this mod! Get the devbuilds here!

Make sure you load Fragtrak LAST when using other mods!


• Smooth Doom


• Final Doomer

• Anything else that replaces vanilla weapons & monsters.




Gameplay Mods

• LegenDoom 1.6 and onwards.
• Slowmo Bullettime Ultimate


Cosmetic Patches

Ketchup, D.U.C.K, Footsteps, Droplets, Nash's DN3D-style Shadows









Q: Are the weapons and monsters different in any way?
A: No, everything behaves exactly like they do in Vanilla.


Q: How do I display the monster/kill counters / prestige info / Rank info?
A: Check the FragTrak options menu in the... options menu. You can toggle all the counters, and even change their color!


Q: How do I prestige up?
A: There is a bind in the Fragtrak options category that you can use to call for a prestige check. If your current weapon's rank is AT LEAST Death-Inducing (1500 kills), you'll forfeit all your kills and your rank, and gain a prestige level.


Q: How do I rank up?
A: Just kill a bunch of enemies and it'll happen automatically.


Q: What's the Scorecard? How do I see mine?
A: The scorecard allows you to see your current rank and killcount for every weapon. It also tells you how many kills you've accumulated in total (gib kills as well), how many prestige medals you've accumulated, and  your progress to the next experience rank.



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Fragtrak has been updated to fix an error in the hud-drawing code which caused it to crash if your experience level was less than 2 on GZDoom 3.2.1 and higher.


Update your file from the same download link. The compile date on game start should read December 11.

Happy hunting!


/EDIT Whoops, it was fixed again, my bad! Make sure the date reads December 12. Same download link!

Edited by Tapwave : oops

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