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Wallpaint! Megatexturing tool!

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let me know if there are any issues, i spent p much all day fixing bugs for release, there's bound to be more.


the only potential issue is its worth making sure all the lines you select are front facing! check it out before you export with the preview option


this tool isn't just a timesaving thing, it makes this method of retexturing a viable workflow. i really hope to see some cool stuff made with this! any improvements that can be made i'm happy to try and implement (it would be amazing if this could be integrated into map editors somehowwwww)


credit to esselfortium for hashing out the idea with me years ago, and marcaek and bloodshedder for finding bugs, and revenant for fixing an issue with the library i'm using

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Superb stuff! I played with this tool and Gimp for 15 minutes, and here's what I did:




It looks, of course, mediocre, because I'm not an artist at all, but in the able hands the potential of this instrument is enormous.
It is a pity that UDMF does not directly support. I was able to open and edit only the map in Boom-format.


Have you ever had any idea of implementing such a plugin for DB2 or GZDB? It would be just gorgeous if technically possible.


And ... Is it possible to edit the floor and ceiling surfaces together with wall textures? It would be cool.

Edited by StormCatcher.77

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4 hours ago, jmickle66666666 said:

Hey you! Do you wanna do more interesting texturing on youre maps? Is making a set of textures and composites Just No Fun? Well, have *I* got the tool for *you*??? yes!!!!


Lets just select the Problem Area right here:



alittle Photoshop Magic later,,,,



et voila!!!!

Based on context, I assume this lets you fetch a scene in a map; export it to an external image editor; and save it back into the map in one fell swoop?  The OP isn't explicit.  It reads like one those "Step 1) do a thing; Step 2) Profit!" memes so I have to do some assuming.


If this is what I think it is, then hot-damn good job!

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Just out of curiosity, what map formats are supported?


I'm very impressed by this tool, its an idea I'm sure's been floating around for a while, nice to see it actually brought into existence.

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Pretty cool except in the after screenshot now the green wall is unaligned where it was aligned before with the surrounded green walls.

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I can't really visualize what the process here is, but everyone else seems very excited so I am too!


It's a shame it doesn't support UDMF, given that's the most flexible mapping format.

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yes unfortunately udmf is not supported currently. there is also indeed a misaligned texture in the example I used! very professional! I'll get that fixed up. 


@NoisyVelvetthat's somewhat what it does yeah, you select a set of lines and it exports them as one combined image. you draw on them and it reapplies what you draw onto the wall


re:doom builder, I can't get it added to that myself since I don't have access to a Windows machine, so I can't compile the source code. I may look into adding it to Slade's map editor though. we'll see. 

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6 hours ago, jmickle66666666 said:

I may look into adding it to Slade's map editor though. we'll see. 

That would be very awesome. :)

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This is one of those concepts that once it exists, I wonder why we didn't already have it :)


Nice work. I shall have to try it out sometime.

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5 hours ago, grommile said:

This is one of those concepts that once it exists, I wonder why we didn't already have it :)

precisely the reason i made it :)


thanks for all the kind words! i'm hoping to have a new version out soon with a ton of improvements from feedback I've gotten

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FEATURE REQUEST: have it diff the original texture from the edited texture and save a patch with only the different pixels and then create composite textures with the appropriately offset original patches + new overlay patch

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