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DOOM PLUS - A gameplay mod for GZDoom (latest stable)

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"Just like the good ol' days."




Use a minimum gamma level of 0.75 or lower (I use 0.60) so that dark areas in maps are sufficiently dark, prompting use of the flashlight.

Set sector lighting mode to dark.

Play with the PSX/Doom 64 soundtrack for a better atmosphere. Otherwise any dark ambient stuff will do e.g. Quake, F.E.A.R. etc.

Message colors in teal or yellow typically look best to me but you can use whichever you fancy over the default gray (Doom 64 font).

Spectres rendered using Fuzz paired with Pixel Fuzz for that classic Spectre look (and to make them harder to see in dark areas).


Doom Plus is a personal gameplay modification that I'd been putting together since 2016, originally starting out as a very simple randomizer that only added a few new monsters, as I was often guilty of overdoing things and adding way too much stuff. Then I decided I wanted some new weapons to compliment this, and set out to do something akin to 'Skulltag Stuff', in essence a handful of new monsters, weapons, and pickups, while staying themed and true to the Doom formula. Inspiration struck, and I found myself wanting more, while at the same time still wanting less than the usual randomizer mod. The theme eventually struck: it's PC Doom but Alpha content mixed with console Doom (PSX and Doom 64), with some personal twists and notably increased difficulty while still being balanced. Here's that finalized vision, a sorta neo-classical Doom experience that I enjoy as an alternative to the base game, for PWADs that either don't come with new content besides levels or just don't depend on ACS or zscript, while staying true to that core Doom experience. In effect, a natural extension of the original game. If id endorsed a Quake styled 'mission pack' then it might of been something like this. But in order to seperate myself from other me-too randomizers I also opt to feature some new ideas using familiar content in order to inspire others and be less predictable in my execution. Hopefully I succeeded!


Toggleable flashlight the player always has that renders the old light amp redundant, but at the cost of being able to see everything fully lit, preserving level atmosphere and increasing tension.

Brightmaps across the board for the majority of things, further enhanced by glow maps on light source and liquid flats to provide Doom 64 style lighting to many areas. Enhanced light source objects like torches, candles, columns and tech pillars from Beautiful Doom.

Duke 3D style shadows for all enemies. Correct blood colors for several monsters, or no blood at all for certain ones, better blood spray and blood effects, like improved decals, while staying reasonable.

Many new graphic replacements and additions. Several pickups, notably health and ammo, with mostly unused id graphics. Slightly different old Pinky Demon and subtle Baron of Hell graphic replacements, original Imp fireball. New liquid flats for water, nukage and lava, new skies for Doom 1 and 2 scenarios. Super Shotgun from PSX Final Doom, green firing Plasma Rifle. A couple new decorative objects, 'Bloody Chain' from PSX and 'Hell Growth' from id.

New font and HUD from PSX and Doom 64, including the alternative death face from getting xdeath'd while using the STATBAR.

New PLAYPAL based on Sigvatr's own design, with personal changes to the red, green and blue values. The overall tone is notably darker and more at home with PSX and Doom 64.

New sounds for new enemies, pickups and the environment from PSX and Doom 64.

Swapped bullet and cell minimum and maximum capacities, you now have more bullets to work with but less cells to hoard away. This is something that always bugged me and as such I've done something about it.

Many new monsters, several new weapons and pickups, and a couple new hazards, documented in the featured manual!

(Happy 24th birthday Doom!)

Download Mod
Download Music
















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I've decided to put together a 'PlusMusic' WAD as an optional download (108mb) that adds both the PSX and Doom 64 soundtracks (originals, not the remastered/anniversary). The PSX music plays in Doom 1 games whereas the D64 music only plays in Doom 2 games. Edited OP and updated the credits to reflect this addition.

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I don't usually play gameplay mods these days, but this looks rather intriguing. Might be something todo with me liking PSX doom and the alpha weapons etc.


Played through map 16 of Doom 2 Reloaded, liking the overall atmosphere, the monster variants are interesting except one of the HK's (the metal one) that was a bit harsh.


Wasn't a fan of the rifle, which I was a bit gutted about.


New palette and the lighting made it look very nice and the torch addition was cool.



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@RjY Yeah I nearly forgot about Doom+ actually, I wasn't feeling particularly inspired in the naming department, I just thought 'it's an extension of Doom, so ... Doom Plus?'. In the event this mod blows up, even though I realistically expect it to not, seeing as the modding scene is large and fast moving and in order to stand out and last you gotta do something really unique or creative nowadays and the name proves to be confusing, I may re-name it. As-is the mod is feature complete however, I must've updated it hundreds of times before finally putting it to rest, as I didn't wanna subject downloaders to repeated updates for otherwise small changes or additions.

@Liberation Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the Cybruiser can be dangerous, but his cybernetic nature fortunately makes him a target among his not-so-fellow Hell Nobles, seeing as Hell Knights, Barons and Nightmare Barons cannot hurt each other.

The Rifle is the slowest firing bullet weapon, but its perfect accuracy and often doubled damage (1-10 vs. 1-5) makes it reliable against low-tier monsters, saving some shells and even doing away with chaingun tapping, saving you some bullets as well. Of course, it's not a good choice against many enemies at once.

And yeah, I myself am a fan of how the aesthetic turned out, some scenes can be really transformed with the new palette and lighting.

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The Cybrusier in my game basically spawned in front of me and kicked my ass badly! Next time I will be more prepared.


Regarding the rifle, I can see what you have done and have no issue with it, Its just down to my tastes as if a game/mod has an rifle (assault etc) then I tend to use it exclusively as I love spraying bullets around, just for fun really. Q4 and d2016 rifle/MGs I love and the assault rifle from brutal doom is probably the best thing in the mod! Hence why I was a bit gutted.


The palette is gorgeous and perhaps you should make a mini episode of maps to include, Perhaps give your mod a bit more staying power if that's your concern.


Anyway keep up the good work!  

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I think you should add more weapons to the mod, like i dont know.. This mod gets a pretty good idea for the mod i'd like, maybe re balancing the weapons and adding like some alternative weapons spawns like an Auto shotgun for either the super shotgun or Regular shotgun, Or maybe add like an Elephant gun to balance the shotguns according to accuracy? (A shotgun that is slug based is what I'm saying, Lets say you have the regular doom shotgun which is good for medium range encounters, Super shotgun for super close, and slug shotgun for really far away targets, though NOT for close range!) I mean this is accuracy problem is solved with the Railgun... So maybe make it consume 2-3 shells? It'll make it extra powerful with dead on accuracy at the cost of more shells than the super shotgun. If you wanted your mod to maybe, step up from being just a basic replacer, I think you should add classes to make things more interesting! I love the concept of simplicity here, it just needs some re balancing for the weapons is all!

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@Liberation Yeah the randomization aspect of these kind of mods aren't always going to be the most balanced experiences, although I ensured that the new enemies only spawn about 30% of the time, as such it generally favors the base enemies more. I've had some nasty encounters though, such as E4M2 from Doom one time when a Nightmare Baron was blocking me from acquiring the yellow key, who I narrowly somehow got past without dying. This was before he got nerfed, however.

I should probably mention now that the Wolf SS and Keen actors are left unaltered so as to maintain compatibility with more map sets that replace these actors. Also I understand your take on the Rifle, in fact a friend of mine also said he personally thought it should of fired in three round bursts. Lastly I do agree with an episode or something that would compliment this, as what's here is already pretty solid IMHO but a little handcraft at some levels designed with this mod in mind could go a long way!

@UAC-Janitor I thought about a new shotgun or something, but decided I'd stick to the design philosophy of one other variant for every other weapon like the shotgun has the SSG. I know there's three melee weapons on slot 1 including the fist, but technically the Super Chainsaw is the Chainsaw's counterpart, like the Berserk Pack is the upgrade to the player's fist.

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Based on feedback from a friend and Liberation, I decided to increase the Rifle's rate of fire so it is more satisfying to use long-term than specific circumstances. It is slightly faster than the Pistol but much less so than the Chaingun and Minigun. The muzzle flash was also improved, and the damage slightly reduced (1-8 instead of 1-10) to balance out the improved rate of fire. It's perfectly accurate still if you tap it, but will lose accuracy when held down.

The Zombieman was modified to now fire in two-round bursts instead of being a very mild harasser/very slow chaingunner type like before, with the damage reduction applied to him so he wouldn't be cheap.

The Minigun's spread was also increased to be less effective at long distances, but in your favor it could be more effective at suppressing more than one enemy if they're right next to each other in close quarters.

The download, along with the manual and credits are updated. Happy Dooming!

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Oh that, I could look into it, some of the frames do last quite long tics. The cooldown is just one of the weapon's cons, besides going through ammo very fast.

While I'm at it I should also fix/improve the Psychic Soul's frames. The pain frame is completely wrong, after seeing how it behaves in the Doom Delta mod, and is missing the original pain frames to boot.

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I didn't notice the Psychic Soul's pain frames :D

Anyways, lessen the cooldown of the minigun.Wouldn't want to be taken down by a Baron/Cybruiser while attempting to switch weapons,should I find using the wrong weapon.

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Alright, I lessened the recovery time on the Minigun, it shouldn't last nearly as long as it did before. The Psychic Soul also has unique pain frames and leaves a corpse when it dies (thankfully, they cannot be resurrected by Arch-viles). Download has been updated!

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Eh, I don't want that. The red armor functions like Heretic's best armor, which is 75% damage absorption, in addition to resistances for explosive and fire damage, making it really powerful as it is.

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No need to apologize, I don't mind suggestions, even if I do turn something down. Feedback is important you know!

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On 12/17/2017 at 2:25 AM, Liberation said:

The Cybrusier in my game basically spawned in front of me and kicked my ass badly!

When I was playing Doom 1 the way id did,in a level I found a Nightmare Cacodemon,

I kept backing and backing,eventually went into a dead end and it also kicked my ass badly.

I had a shotgun at hand,so it took a couple of shots to get rid of it.

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Fun fact: those Nightmare monsters were much stronger before. NM Imp was 120 instead of 100, NM Spectre was 300 instead of 250, NM Caco was 700 instead of 500, and the NM Baron was 1500 instead of 1200. Needless to say, they were way too bullet spongy. This was initially early on when I was trying to copy Skulltag's monsters. Usually in a Doom II game it wasn't that big of a deal seeing as you had the SSG. But fighting a NM Caco or Baron in Doom 1 would either be a game ender or cause major difficulty during most circumstances, particularly in custom maps, and soak up way too much ammo.

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Edit: I think the stealth ability for spiderdemon should be removed.

ZDoom wiki says it is unfair.

I barely had any health after the spiderdemon fight ended.

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@Cacodemon345 Wow, the odds of me checking this thread out of the blue, I didn't see you edited your post.

Well, seeing as how loud the Spiderdemon is as it moves around and how quick it is to reveal itself to attack, it's not really that bad, more to just put you on edge. If you can estimate where it's at by firing in a direction you can reveal it pretty quickly. In Doom II games, it's also certainly much easier to fight in a pinch with the SSG, due to the high amount of pellets and thus higher pain chance inducement, which will give you enough time to either retreat or follow it up with another shot when it isn't in defense/reflection mode. Proper timing of this can be extremely effective at immobilizing the beast. Just better hope you have a BFG 9000 or the Unmaker, and plenty of ammo when you come across it! Infighting will also help out too, if not to weaken it then to take its sights off of you so you can sneak in an attack.

I really don't want to update this mod anymore, as it will just inconvenience those who already downloaded it. As it is, the mod should be tough, but doable by most Doomers' standards. There may be situations that will be much harder than intended of course, but that's the nature of randomizers.

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