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Trouble making a monster


Hey I'm a new member I played doom the day before it was a blast but I was thinking to make my own monster but I'm having trouble I was making a custom one by using a photo of Cheshire from teen titans but I don't know how can someone help me

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That can be done, but not easily. You have to make sprite rotations for the various actions, walking, turning, fighting, dying, etc.



If this is for Doom or Boom, then you can replace an existing monster by inserting the sprites into your pwad but using the same names of the replaced monster.


If this is for ZDoom/GZDoom or related ports, then use DECORATE to add the new monster



Eriance (now Amuscaria) made a few tutorials which may be helpful to you in your quest.


Edited by Kappes Buur : added Eriance's tuts

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I agree, it's not easy. 

You need software. Something everyone uses, is Slade 3. It allows you to create and edit your own wads. In this case, your own monsters. You have to download it. (Its free!)

Once it's downloaded, and youre in it, click on "create new wad archive",then make a new entry, by going CTRL+E. Create 2:



this will tell the game "this is a monster"

Now import a sprite by using CTRL+I

Move the file under SS_START and SS_END.

Then , right click on the file, click at the bottom, "add to TEXTURE X" and "add to P PHAMES" 

Lastly, convert it to "Doom (graphic)" by right clicking the file, and click on "convert to" and click "convert all". Finally, save all, and test it out. 



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