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The Soldier Z - WIP

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He's missing. He went into that Phobos station and never came back. The brass has decided to get off their asses and send someone in. You. And this time, you're going in prepared. Armed with a SMG or carbine, armored up and ready to go, you must go in, neutralize any threats, and find him.



Gitlab Rep



Soldier Z is a small little mod. Its one man's (me) attempt to learn and use ZScript to make something a little fun but nothing too fancy, to kinda show you don't need to have grandiose ideas to make use of the super useful tool. While having zero coding knowledge and barely knowing how to use Decorate. Features some REALISM*Kinda. Sorta. Really mild. Its not HD..


Preview video of the next update


So what's it do?

Before anything, you will need the Altfire, Reload, Zoom and Weapon State 1 keys all mapped. 


Gameplay Changes

[*]Move slightly faster then Doomguy.
[*]Armor protects you less.
[*]Start with green armor. Because you know you're already in the deep shit.
[*]Sprinting is faster forward back, but strafe slower. Have you ever tried to run sideways? It doesn't work.
[*]ClipMAGAZINE based reloads. Because REALISM.
[*]Switching speed and reloading speeds based on what it might take a normalish human to reload and switch the weapons.
[*]Weapon State 1 throws grenades.
[*]Zoom quick draws your pistol, causing you to drop your current weapon. Except the SMGs. You can't drop those.
[*]Lose the ability to run below 20 HP.
[*]No auto reloads. Also because REALISMSMSMSMSM




Baretta M9A3 
Damage - 5-15
Magazine Capacity - 15
Standard issue for hundreds of years, somehow despite below average field performance, this pistol has served you well over the years. Sporting relatively low stopping power, range and tendency to jam...actual it's pretty poor, you should only use it as a last resort. You can throw down your weapon and quickly draw it in most situations, however.


The magazine is much more interesting. Its an experimental regenerating magazine with nanomachine technology. You only briefly skimmed the reports, but it pulls materials from around and morphs them into bullets. Or something. It's only FMJ bullets, but with the amount of armored targets, that's for the best.


DM51 Hand Grenade  
Damage - 128 + Shrapnel
Blast Radius - 128
Total carry amount - 8
A classic infantry weapon, this hand grenade features both a 2 second timed fuse and impact proximity fuse that causes the grenade to explode when thrown directly at a living target. Lightweight and powerful, with both good explosive damage and throwing out a high amount of deadly shrapnel, nothing should survive one of these throw directly at it.




Slot 2 - H&K UMP45
Damage - 12-18
Magazine Capacity - 25
Total Spare Magazine Capacity - 5

A weapon from your personal collection, you decide to bring this instead of whatever brass want to hand to you. A classic UMP design, though you've modified it to be able to handle .45 ACP+P rounds and even .45 ACP Super. All you have laying around is +P hollow points, so they will have to do. A very serious ammo, to be sure, but you are very serious about this mission. You need the one shot one kill capacity of the hollow points to succeed. At least, you hope it'll be one shot one kill. The +P greatly increases the recoil of the weapon, but you are very skilled in the weapon's handling and have mild cybernetic augments so you barely notice. 


Alt-fire braces the weapon against your shoulder and looks down the sights, giving you a tighter grip and engaging the zoom augments in your eyes, increasing accuracy and reducing recoil.


Power - You've found magazines of .45 ACP Super. +2 damage. 
Speed - You've re-arranged your equipment a bit and gotten more skilled in the gun's handling. Faster reload. 
Utility - You found extended magazines.


Slot 3 - Winchester Model 1912
Damage - 5-15x9
Capacity - 6
Total Spare Shell Capacity - 25
Procured from a fallen trooper, or perhaps a locker of some sort, this pump action shotgun is far from standard issue. It must be someone's personal hobby gun. In close quarters, it's unmatched, and is fairly lightweight, considering. Shotguns must have been popular in this facility, because many troopers are using them, and you can find shells all over the place. Reloading it is pretty slow; you aren't familiar with shotguns in general but it'll prove too useful to pass up.


Alt-fire braces the weapon, engaging your zoom augments and lowering recoil. No, it doesn't tighten spread. How would that even work?


[color=#FF0000]Power[/color] - Wait, the previous owner didn't fix that issue with the mechanism. Slam firing enabled. 
[color=#00FF00]Speed[/color] - You've re-arranged your equipment a bit and gotten more skilled in the gun's handling. Faster reload. 
[color=#00FFFF]Utility[/color] - You have modified the gun with an extended barrel. Tightened spread.


Slot 4 - M249 Light Machine Gun
Damage - 12-24
Belt Capacity - 200
Total Spare Belt Magazines - 1
Sporting surprisingly good accuracy, high power, high armor penetration and high rate of fire, this LMG is an all round high performer. It's quite heavy, however, and reloading the belt boxes is a lengthy, unfamiliar process. Additionally, the belt boxes themselves are heavy, limiting the amount you can carry with you at once. While meant to be mounted, your augmented body can wield it like a rifle, but its recoil is still significant.


Power - You found an ammo belt with M995 AP rounds on it. The rounds are capable of over penetrating targets. 
Speed - You've re-arranged your equipment a bit and gotten more skilled in the gun's handling. Faster reload. 
Utility - You have figured out a way to better grip the weapon. Decreased recoil.


Slot 5 - UAC Modified Main Battle Tank and Light Anti-Tank Weapon
Damage - 200-1600 + 256 Explosion damage
Blast Radius - 256
Capacity - 1
Total Missiles - 2
Why is this facility equipped with such a weapon? This is a weapon designed to bust tanks and aircraft, not deal with personnel threats. It's been modified, too, allowing reloading of this normally disposable launcher, but the scope's computer systems have been mucked up. Normally its a fire and forget system, but now it must be directly aimed. Still, it's sure to be useful, but is heavy, and the process of reloading is quite involved. The missiles also prove to be quite heavy. A direct hit from this thing should utter destroy any threat.




Alt-fire engages the scope, allowing for long range take-downs of groups of hostiles.


Power - You've found some missiles with a experimental modified payload. Increased blast radius.
Speed - You've re-arranged your equipment a bit and gotten more skilled in the gun's handling. Faster reload. 
Utility - You fixed the scope and can now properly use the NLAW's seeking capabilities. Homing rockets.


Slot 6 - Sorcerer Plasma Launcher MK 0.6
Damage - 9-64 + 24 Explosion Damage
Blast Radius - 24
Total Battery Cells - 2
A weapon being worked on in the labs of the facility, its designed to replace heavy ballistic weapons yet still be light enough to be carried by individual soldiers. It mostly succeeds at this goal, but still features some quirks that prevent it from becoming standard issue. You aren't exactly sure of how it functions, as briefing documents on the gun use a lot of jargon far above your pay grade, but it fires high power explosive shots capable of melting heavily armored troopers and even shred light armored vehicles. It builds up heat with each shot, and the heat must be manually vented regularly to prevent overheats. When the gun overheats, it causes the battery to leak, draining it's charge. One of the many quirks that those nerds in R&D who named the damn thing can work out.


Use the Zoom key to vent heat, instead of quick drawing the pistol. You don't feel safe dropping the gun to quick draw the pistol, just in case the reports of the cells exploding when cracked is true. You carry few cells with you for the same reason.


Features a secondary fire mode, with Altfire, that fires much smaller, faster and weaker bolts of plasma. This doesn't use charge, but heats the gun rapidly.


Power - You've messed with some buttons and knobs and overclocked the firing systems. Double firing rate. 
Speed - You've found a disk with a BIOS update that redirects heat much more efficiently. Faster cooldown. 
Utility - You've become more skilled in it's handling. Auto enter cooldown.


Slot 7 - Archmage Multi-Purpose Field Suppressor High Density Ionized Plasma Force Generating Non-Ballistic Launcher Alpha MK 0.2
Damage - [REDACTED]
Blast Radius - [REDACTED]
Total Energy Cells - 1
None of the reports mention this weapon. No data exists for it on the network. You've only heard rumors in mess halls and veteran benefits of a prototype weapon.
 If the Sorcerer was to replace SAWs, then this would replace squad explosive launchers. You've heard field reports of a heavy energy weapon capably of reducing whole platoons to a smoldering radioactive crater, of a launcher that can vaporize heavy battle tanks, leaving only the melted remains of the innermost workings and trace amounts of the human matter that was inside. Most of the local data is classified at the highest degree.


Could this be that weapon? Could this be was those who have possible seen it call BFG?


Slot 8 - The Eye
Damage - ???
Capacity - ???

Human. You were foolish to pick me up. All demons can sense each other, so you may never hide as long as I am out. No matter, fool. All whom meet my gaze perish. But my Eye only opens for blood. Your blood.


Slot 9 -Accuracy International AWM L115A1 Long Range Rifle
Damage - 50-100x2
Magazine Capacity - 5
Total Magazines - 3
Also known as an AWSM (Arctic Weather Super Magnum), this sniper rifle is a powerful precision tool, setting many records for distance kills over the years. It's powerful .338 Lapua Magnum rounds are capable of dropping a target from over 1500 meters. This particular model was the standard of the British Armed Forces, before all the nations of the world united under the UAC's banner. Its such a powerful weapon that it is capable of piercing through even armored troops and hitting someone behind with more then enough stopping power to kill or dismember. You've had some training with such a weapon, being Special Operations, but you've never been your squad's designated sniper so your skill is limited. It's weight, length and high recoil make it ill suited for hip fire, and it's meant to be used while prone and mounted. Your limited augments do let you still fire it with great accuracy while bracing it on your shoulder and aiming down it's 5x magnification scope.


The presence of such a weapon must mean you aren't the first SpecOps to come through here, though your peers seems to have meant a grisly fate. Why else would there be a sniper rifle here? Even more curiously, it's missing the suppressor this model of Accuracy International AWM's are known for.


Weapons are based on real life weapons, as interpreted by someone who knows nothing about actual guns! With some help from people who DO actually know.
Chainsaw has no replacement, but instead spawns upgrades for the other guns, sans the Pistol, Auto-shotgun and BFG. These upgrades fit into 1 of 3 categories and are based on actual real things that can be done to the gun:
Power (Red) - Raises the killing power or usefulness of the weapon.
Speed (Green) - Makes the weapon faster to use. Usually means faster reloads.
Utility (Blue) - Makes the weapon more convenient to use.


[*]Slot 1 - Melee - Damage varies. Alt-fire is Kick/Combo Finisher.
Main fire punches pretty quickly. After 3 punches, hitting alt-fire does a flurry of rapid punches based on howmany slower punches you've thrown, to a max of ten, then finishes it with a kick. Having less then 3 punches just kicks and resets your combo.

[*]Slot 2 - SMG - H&K UMP45. 25 round mag, 12-18 dmg, 525 RPM. Altfire is ADS. Yes you have zoom in eyes. NANOMACHINES, SON.
Red - +2 Damage. Green - Faster Reload. Blue - Extended magazine.

[*]Slot 3 - Shotgun - Winchester Model 1912. 6 round capacity, a lot of damage, pump-action. Altfire is brace. Reduces recoil but doesn't decrease spread. How would that even work?
Red - Slam firing. Green - Faster Reload. Blue - Tightened Spread.

[*]Slot 4 - LMG - M249. 200 round capacity, 12-24 dmg, 700 RPM. No Altfire
Red - Piercing rounds. Green - Faster Reload. Blue - Reduced Recoil.

[*]Slot 5 - MBT-LAW. 1 Round capacity, HUGE DAMAGE. Alt-Fire Scope
Red - Increased Blast Radius. Green - Faster Reload. Blue - Homing rockets.

[*]Slot 6 - Plasma - Sorcerer Plasma Launcher MK 0.6 . Battery powered, but can over heat. Zoom manually cools it down, instead of drawing the pistol. You don't feel...safe about throwing this to the ground. Overheating it causes the battery to overload, dropping charge. Altfire does a rapid, low damage shot. Doesn't use charge, but heats up rapidly.
Red - Doubled fire rate. Green - Faster-cooldown. Blue - Auto-cooldown.

[*]Slot 7 - BFG - Archmage Multi-Purpose Field Supressor High Density Ionized Plasma Force Generating Non-Ballistic Launcher Alpha MK 0.2.

[*]Slot 8 - Demon Weapon - The Eye. Find unloaded. Sometimes over the BFG. Kills anything in one hit. Reload with 20 HP.

[*]Slot 9 - Sniper Rifle - L115A1. 5 Round capacity. Very high damage. Scope alt fire. Very low rate of fire. No Upgrades. Spawns over LMG sometimes.

[*]Slot 0 - Auto Shotgun - SPAS-12. 9 round capacity, a lot of damage, automatic. Much tighter spread compared to the shotgun. No Altfire or upgrades

[*]Grenades - Throw them with Weapon State 1. Do good damage. Start with 3 and get more from backpacks and missile boxes.

[*]Slot N/A - Pistol - Baretta M9A3. Does vanilla pistol damage, and has served as the damage standard that all the other REALISM damages was based on. Has unlimited clips because NANOMACHINES, SON.



Most items you can now carry with you and use when you want.
Medkit - Max 4. Heals you by 25.
Ninja Sphere - Max 2. Increases speed, firing speed and makes you transparent. Doesn't work with everything. Replaces Blursphere.
Quad Damage - Max 1. Heals you by 100 and QUAD DAMAGE. Replaces Berserk.
Night Vision Goggles - Max 1. Toggle night vision. Unlimited, but its obnoxiously green.
Hazmat Suit - Max 1. Its the same as the Radsuit, but you choose when to use it.
MegaSphere - Max 1. Heals you by 100, also auto activates when you drop below 50 HP.

Allmap - Same as unmodded, but also gives radar.


For the cheaters out there


GIVE ALL and IDKFA don't give you everything, kinda a tradition with Brohnesorge mods at this rate. Anyway, if you want everything, you have to put
GIVE *Insert Color Here*SMGUPGRADE
GIVE *Insert Color Here*HMGUPGRADE
GIVE *Insert Color Here*RLUPGRADE
GIVE NightGoggles
GIVE NewBerserk


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Hmm. Not sure how I should version this here as this is the first update for Doomworld but the 9th update over all. Eh, whatever, just gonna call it Update 9 regardless.


Either way, Update 9 has been pushed to the master branch! Go check it out! all like 2 of you that might actually be playing


Full Changelog



-Kickback added to the...well, kick
-Added knife slash into the combo
-Having 1 or more 'counters' when you combo finish will do a knife slash, then kick
-You'll chain punch flurry into knife into kick when you have several counters
-Can interupt chain punch with a normal punch
-Sounds updated
-Wall hitting sounds...activated. I...may have had the puff named wrong


-MP5K added!
-Is an alternate starting class to the UMP45
-5-15 damage, 1000 RPM, 30 mag capacity
-Alt-fire to quick knife slash
-Power upgrade is increased performance
-Utility upgrade is extended mags
-Speed upgrade is faster grenade throws


-Can 'quick draw' melee by pressing Zoom. You don't drop the pistol.
-Slightly increased recoil
-Alt fire quick knife added


-Semi auto fire added.
-Fire rate raised to the RL value of 600 RPM.
-Power upgrade accuracy and damage increased slightly.
-Fixed bug that caused you to start with 30 bullets in magazine.


-G36C updated to a full size G36
-Moved to Slot 4
-Shares spawns with M249
-Damage raised
-Accuracy raised
-Recoil reduced
-Now uses unique magazines
-One in the chamber mechanics added.
-Upgrades changed. Red - Accuracy up Blue - Noise Down Green - Fast Reload


-Upgrades removed
-Mag size raised to 800
-Uses backpacks as magazines
-Accuracy increased. People were already bitching about it being too accurate, so this should go well.
-Can only carry one spare backpack, that you find with...well...backpacks
-Penetrates all the time instead of with upgrade 


-Damage, both direct and explosive, increased
-Upgrades removed
-Rocket ignition time decreased
-Rocket post ignition speed increased
-Is now disposable. You fire once, then discard it
-Rocket spawns now spawn grenades instead
-Rocket boxes now spawn MBT LAWs


-Updated with the heat mechanics of the Sorcerer
-Dryfire added


--The Eye
-It cannot be trusted.


-One in the chamber mechanics added. If you reload with at least 1 bullet left, it'll stay in the chamber, making your reload faster and the next mag being 6 shots...or rather 5+1.
-Shares spawns with MBT LAW


-Increased spread greatly.
-Spread mechanics changed.
-One in the chamber mechanics added. Beware ugly ass animation.
-Reload sped up to be the same as the M1912.
-Now semi-auto instead of full auto


-Bullet Buff VFX tweaked
-M249 Box Mags changed to Magazine Boxes. Magazine Boxes give 3 SMG Mags, 2 G36 Mags and 1 Sniper Mag
-Mag Box sprite updated
-SMG Mag sprite updated


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