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First Boom map,"Great Attack of Hell"

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This map was made for one project, but unfortunately it was not confirmed

!Requires Community Chest 4 Texture Pack!

Name: It was planned to call the "Great Attack of Hell", but then the map was rejected and the map lost its name

Map Format: Boom

Ports Tested: PrBoom+, GLBoom+, GZDoom

IWAD: Doom 2

Map: MAP29

Music: "Rhapsody - Emerald Sword" in MIDI format

Gameplay: Singleplayer

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Multiplayer Placement: No

Build Time: 6 months intermittently

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/3bleat2ias2k554/tgaoh.wad








Edited by D1m3 : Forgot to upload screenshots

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Tried it but I stopped at the dark area where you use the yellow key and a mouth starts chewing a corpse. The layout feels too disorganized and the architecture/structures too weird and disorganized, lacking cohesion. Doesn't help that the puzzle-like elements are not my cup of tea either.

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- First two HKs are boring to fight with SG/CG

- If you don't find the secret SSG at this point, the map becomes a serious grind. There's two cacodemons to be shotgunned, and if you skip those (possible to grab the BK without waking anything up), there's also a baron and a horde of mid-tiers. Even with the SSG this stuff is grindy. There are technically enough rockets for all of the mid-tiers that warp in at the YK, but more on that later . . . 

- First invul placement is bad. It's behind a 64x64 midtex so there's no way of knowing what's inside beforehand. I happened to pick it up with absolutely nothing to use it on, which was more something that really got on my nerves solely for being bad design, because no encounter in the map actually requires the invul. 

- The puzzle for the YK area is fine. I had no troubles with it.

- First breakage: There is a floor that lowers with three revenants (the first revenants in the map) and then raises up again when you cross it. While dodging a rocket from the two revenants around the corner on that little circular platform, I happened to pop out past the linedef and then go back into the room, shutting myself out of the rest of the map. 

- There's a cluster of revenants at the end of a hallway past this point. If you happened to have used your rockets on the mid-tiers earlier, and if you didn't find the SSG secret, you now have to fight these revenants with a single shotgun. Even with the SSG, though, it's pretty grindy and low-threat. Seems like a lot of monsters in this map have appeared in hallways. 

- Second breakage: out in the yard, with the box where you fight the cybie. There are two switches on the platform containing the invul. I hit the one at the back first, which lowered everything, and then I dispatched of the cybie. At this point I couldn't leave the yard and I ended up looking at GZDB to figure out why -- the switch at the front, which I'd forgotten about, needs to be pressed first. So I went back and 'used' the now-sunken switch. It's a mistake to assume people will do things in the specific order you have prescribed. 

- Cybie fight absolutely doesn't need an invul. However, if the player at this point hasn't located the secret SSG, and hasn't found the secret BFG, they've probably also run out of rockets too, and they need to fight the cybie with the single shotgun. Not good. 

- The imps and their two viles are the most fun fight in the map. (Assuming the player still has rocket ammo at this point. Without it, you might end up stuck with the wall of imps, viles rezzing them, and nothing to kill them with unless you get lucky and the viles appear at the front at some point. It's also possible to wait for the viles to kill themselves with splash damage. *shrugs*)

- Back to the start for the red key door. There's a whole horde of mid-tiers in a room with a 64-wide opening (meaning they can hardly come out). Somewhat tedious stuff without secret weapons, and trivial either way. 


Overall it seems like secrets are mandatory to have any fun -- without them you are going to be using the single shotgun against mid-tier monsters and a cyberdemon. Even with secrets, though, monster placement tends to be ineffective: lots of chokepoints, hallways, etc.

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