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Expolision Studios

My First Map

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This is a map i've been working on for the past week, along with a lot of coffee and music, but it's now complete!

This map takes place within the boundaries of an abandon, ghostly Satanic castle. With dark corridors, flickering lights, and a creepy Satanic Chapel.

Custom MIDI coming soon...


I've updated the map since I last edited it. This is because someone who played it complained  about a broken teleporter in the map, which is essential for the player to progress. I fixed that issue


If you happen to experience any bugs, or things out of the norm, let me know, and we'll talk it out!

Link here to the .zip:



ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 12_13_2017 6_44_01 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 12_13_2017 6_44_24 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 12_13_2017 6_44_33 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 12_13_2017 6_44_43 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 12_13_2017 6_44_57 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 12_13_2017 6_43_38 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 12_13_2017 6_43_46 AM.png

Edited by Expolision Studios

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So I played with GZDoom but the teleporter hidden in the Chapel (near the scrolling wall) didn't work...


Maybe change it from W1 to WR or assign Tag other than 0?

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So far I can't tell much more, sice there's been only one significant fight before I got stuck.


I would like to give it one more shot after you figure out what is causing the problem.

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Sorry, but no. I can't get it to work. See below.


(I know it's a little bit too dark, but hope you can see what I mean)



Edited by mgr_inz_rafal

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I corrected your map, you can grab it from here for one week:

http://chabowski.eu/tmp/Fortress of Darkness.wad

What I changed:

1. Teleporting lines changed to WR instead of W1 - this was not crucial, but it's good to allow player to teleport more than once

2. Teleporting lines now have a Tag



3. Target teleport sector also have a tag



See, they nicely connect now :)



Please incorporate these changes in your version.


Theoretically, since there is only one teleport within the map it should also work with Tag 0, but maybe some implementation details treat Tag 0 differently... Anyway, here's my feedback:

1. It's been strange to run outside with low light levels. All the blinking light made me think that it's some kind of thunderstorm happening

2. Minor texturing errors (fire on the wall near exit and not-unpegged doortracks on the red door at least)

3. It's good that after grabbing the key the shortcut opens

4. Medikits just dropped here and there just in the middle of the field - I don't know, maybe some dedicated place would look better

5. Plenty of ammo and health :)


And here's the video:


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Great to see the video and your edits of the map. 

I am curious as to what program you edited this is in, because i noticed the connecting teleporters in the editor mode, something i dont have in doom builder 2.

great work though!

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I am using GZDoom Builder.

If I'm not mistaken you should be able to see the lines too, check the menu "View -> Show Event Lines" or simply press "I".

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