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Doom 2 - Rescue of Earth

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thank you that you like it at this time will come out old wad will give you the old level together then this level will meet the demands of the creator which is 20 minutes long so it will go into the world no and the date I do not remember when it was exactly

maps 02 - old version




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Jsem se rozhodl pro ty co  chtějí hrát bez přídavných módu vydat starší wad budu to hrát s vámi a vydávat modifikace pokut uvidím nějkou chybu první odkaz posílám teď a manual a další videa máte na mém kanalu

I've decided for those who want to play without add-on mode to release the older wad I'll play it with you and issue modifications of the fines I'll see some mistake the first link I'm sending now and the manual and other videos you have on my channel

MAPS     - 13


Editor Gzbuilder and Wad autor



stahování - downloading


startup GzDoom and Iwad



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Looks pretty interesting, however, it would be a great idea to NOT include any wads or source ports or whatever along the level packs because if anyone wanted to play this with D4T they could simply load it along with your mod.


Also, is this mod playable without D4T?

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Doesn't look like it, and considering how massive the level shown in that video looked, I'm not sure who could enjoy all the potential backtracking with the lack of any indications of just where to go to finish the level. Apart from Wolf3D tileset out of nowhere and brief hell-lava area, it all just blends together to the point I thought the video was literally looped footage in the first five minutes.

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in a few days we will return to levels

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...usually, you plan out what weapons are in a level, not just dump everything in piles. Also, this looks exactly like a video you posted several posts back, and if it is I'm somewhat disappointed as I was expecting something new.


Also, some of your enemy choices look incredibly mismatched.

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My apologies if you've already answered this question, but is this meant specifically for D4T? I don't have an issue with that, in fact I love seeing map packs made with a certain mod's gameplay in mind. This looks good, definitely looking forward to giving this a try:)

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On 12/13/2017 at 5:00 PM, paja said:

Game  -  Rescue of Earth

Autor  -  Pavel Kožla 

Maps  -   18 (19 under construction)

Players - 4 max


                  Manual          -  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyrIeD8NutLD1Dg_3Gctbpg/videos 


Stahování - Downloading  -http://www.mediafire.com/file/qdzyyko0qz41x18/rescue_of_earth_o2.rar/file- all updates  19,1,2019



                  Without d4t   - http://www.mediafire.com/file/fagusddncfmifg9/rescure_of_earth.rar/file

ahoj čeká na vás dvě základny a laboratoře taky potkáte -  nejsem zastánce krátkých úrovní, takže si opravdu zahrájete aby jste nikde moc nebládili mate tam odkaz na Youtube 
příběh je těžké dělat, ale Laboratorní pokusy , které vymkli kontrole. Potom byla povolaná speciální jednotka zastavit monstra. Ty i ta jednotka budeš muset monstra odstranit. Další aktualizace pošlu odkaz 


hi there are waiting for you two base stations and you will meet the laboratories - I'm not a supporter of the short levels, so you really play to keep you there anywhere you do not have a link there on Youtube
the story is hard to do, but Laboratory experiments that have escaped control. Then a special unit was called to stop monsters. You and the unit will have to remove the monsters. Other updates will send a link

The game works by plutonia.wad





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