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Revolution! MIDI Pack: OPL Synth cover

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During the last year I've been quite active in the OPL Synth area, and now I just finished the Revolution! MIDI Pack. This is the third full OPL soundtrack of a Doom megawad I recorded and uploaded on Youtube, the previous two being Plutonia MIDI Pack and Plutonia 2 soundtrack.


Revolution!, also known as TVR! is a classical megawad made entirely by Thomas van der Velden, which is honored for its creative map design. In 2016, one of the greatest musicians in the Doom scene, James Paddock aka Jimmy, initiated a new musical project, whose goal was to compose original MIDI tracks for each individual map in this megawad. I really like this sort of projects as I like listening to new and original music while playing Doom, and I am really big fan of OPL synthesis, so I decided to mix both things together and create OPL Synth cover for the soundtrack. Exactly like I did previously for Plutonia and Plutonia 2.


Since Plutonia 2 soundtrack I continued improving my GENMIDI lump and I enhanced many more instruments which appeared in this MIDI pack. For example Percussive Organ (MAP02), Trumpet (MAP05), Jazz Guitar (MAP22), Nylon Guitar (many maps), New Age (MAP25) and more. I took many of the percussion instruments from DMXOPL project created by Csonicgo.

I released my GENMIDI lump as a separate project, here you can get it:


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