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E1M7 JonasH871J

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Due to my poor skills it took three attempts for me to finish the map on UV. But I managed to kill everyone and find all secrets without much hassle.


Great, classic look & feel is a plus. Another plus is the Chinsaw at the very beginning :)

I found minor glitches with doortrack textures not being lower unpegged.


Here's my video:


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Nice job mgr_inz_rafal.

I would be glad if you shortly could write back to me were the small issues is on my map then i would do my best to fix it.



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Please take a look at the doortrack textures on nearly any door - they scroll as the door opens.


This could be seen in the video at 0:55 (secret door), 2:24, 9:00 (red door) and possibly on some other...

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