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Hellwalker Mod

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DOOM - Hellwalker Mod

What is this?

Evenin' everyone, I'm a guy who's really bad at making good descriptions and detailed threads so I'll get straight to the business.
This is a monster mod.
It started as an addon to Death Foretold (which I encourage you to try if you still haven't and if you like it drop a vote for MOTY on ModDB) that enhanced enemy behaviour but eventually grew out of the shell of an addon to a full-fledged mod, standalone and compatible with most gameplay mods out there (tested with Trailblazer, PB3.0, BD21, RussianOverkill, EVP,IB, FinalDoomer, High Noon Drifter, SeriousDoom, etc.)

What does it have to offer?
The goal of this mod is simple: making Doomguy/slayer's life harder. 

  • Challenging gameplay through much more aggressive behaviour from monsters in general
  • D4T monsters. Some sprited from scratch, some edited. Most of them have additional attacks to pick from
  • A dozen new monsters, both known and new (like the "Scorpion"Revenant)
  • Quake Monsters added to the mix: Fiends, Vores, Shamblers will love to hunt you down
  • Zombieman variants: Chainsaws, Shotguns, assault rifles, chainguns, plasmarifles. They also throw grenades at you and upon death their tortured soul (wink wink) will charge at you for not having the last laugh
  • Evil Marines: From simple henchmen to all-out bosses, these guys sure know how to put up a challenge. They can dodge, jump, bunnyhop and aim better than your average bot
  • Rats, Spiders, walking tumors infest the bodies of the former UAC members. Be sure to  check the ceilings too, for some of them love to hug your face or spit acid at you (it's totally the rats)
  • Bosses (Cyberdemon/Mastermind) are now even harder! :D
  • Gore Nests appearing instead of decorations
  • A couple new sounds for monsters
  • Hordes of unwilling victims wandering around maps
  • Trust nobody, not even shells. Satanic powers are in play and inhabit some pickups, throwing them at you when they have the chance
  • Batteries Blood mod included (and usable standalone, for the most part)
  • GZdoom compatible. Use whatever version you like the most
  • Zandronum 3.0 compatible
  • Coop compatible
  • Compatible with most (if not all, since it only adds monsters) gameplay mods


Using Michaelis' words, the mod's aim is to make combat twitchy, violent, swift. If you like to run and gun, then this is the mod for you.
Here's a short video showing the mod in action. Bear in mind, this was using a stresstest build that spawned a lot of stuff just to push the limits of GZDoom in terms of fps.


Here's what a fight against an Evil Marine looks like:



Screenshots (Imgur)

Since it was born as a D4T Addon, there are some features that are exclusive to the version for D4T. They're just aesthetical changes such as player flinching when hurt and the screen turning red when low on health or a blackscreen when dying, but nothing major (and I'm sure that not all people like said features).


Load order should ALWAYS be (when using a gameplay mod of choice):
Gameplay mod of choice
Hellwalker Blood
Any Patches (PB and BD)

The order MUST be respected in order to work flawlessly.


Hellwalker - Standalone version

BD Patch:

Hellwalker - D4T Addon


Each version has the blood mod included.
Load order is after your desired gameplay mod. If you're using PB, load the mod BEFORE PB, then the PB main .pk3, then the Hellwalker_PB patch file included.


Memo: Spam "Use" key to get the hugger off you!

Fixed Zandronum compatibility, edited a few spawns to make them less aggressive towards the player.
Erased the wound/stagger state from D4T for the standalone version
Reduced damage of HellBarons

Enjoy, and RIP 'N TEAR!

DBT, Michaelis & crew: Death Foretold
Michaelis: Scripting help (<3)
Michaelis, BRYINA, Ragequit, ADMERAL, ImAFuckinCorn, DoomKrakken, XSlayer300 and all the others on Discord for the feedback given and the shit 'n giggles when testing the mamamia imps (F)
Pa1nkiller: A few code lines/sprites
Logan and Keksdose for a couple LOS sprites/graphics (check out that mod, it's fantastic!)
Ghastly_Dragon/Captain Toenail: Forgotten One
Eriance, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper: Diabloist
Ghastly_dragon, captain Toenail: Trite
Horror Movie Guy, Finalizer, Vader: ZombieFodder
HorrorMovieGuy: Quake I Stuff Ultra
SidDoyle: Droplets base code

Edited by The_Abysswalker

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From the video it looks cool, maybe some effects are over the top. I like that the weapon animations aren't 50 frames captured from Doom4 but instead have a a low number of animation frames. Have you considered applying this philosophy to the sound as well? That is, purposefully bring the sound effects bitrate down to what the rest of doom uses so that they "fit" with the rest, also some volume normalization would be nice (some sounds are blaring).


What is "D4T"?

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