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NOT -- generic techbase map that's been rotting for a year now

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Um so hi everyone, your fav mapper Bzzrak here. This is a map that was made for that one Aquatex Mapping Experiment during November and December 2016, but as the project (and the map) ended up being forgotten, it [map] didn't really get any exposure or acknowledgement or whatever. Such a waste of a perfectly good map ain't it??

Yeah, I said "perfectly good", as, surprise surprise, this is not like the awkward stuff I make now. This is quite the opposite, a generic-ass techbase with an underground area and quite unfair monster placement.

Contains a part of the Aquatex texture pack by @jmickle66666666. (U ok with that jmickle sweetheart?)

plot: omg the demons have taken over a really high-tech-ass nukage waste fuel processing treatment facility somewhere on the Yucatan peninsula or something and someone's gotta save the day, you have 3 guesses as to who's that someone hehehe

No screenshots coz u suck lol (jk, I gotta conserve my bandwidth). Trust me though, it's ok.

This thing will go to /idgames in a few days, if you don't mind.

Link: doomshack.org/uploads/NOT_RC2.zip
MAP03 slot, Boom-compatible, 470 KB


So yeah, try the map out I guess.


p.s. check dat postcount ayy lmao

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First attempt in just under 45 minutes, no deaths, misses 5 monsters and 5 secrets.


A nice map that is reminiscent of certain MM/MM2 maps. An unusual weapon selection: for much of the map you are reliant on a very short supply of plasma, and the pistol to finish things off. With the computer map I found several secrets including a chainsaw which proved invaluable. Eventually I acquired a chaingun and a rocket launcher from well-hidden secrets, but no shotgun until the very end, and no super shotgun anywhere to be seen - perhaps they lurk in undiscovered secrets.


Aside from three or four flash points which I was lucky to survive, the map plays rather slowly, with convoluted progression based on repeated switch hunts in mostly cramped quarters. I expect even without my excess first-attempt cautiousness it would be a slow map to finish. Replay value seems low, I would like to go back and find the stuff I missed but playing it again so soon does not excite. Perhaps in a few months.


Bugs: I didn't spot much, unless you count stuff like "tedious pistol sniping" and "repeated unprotected runs through slime" but those could be thought of part of intentional gameplay (as I say this plays more like a 90's map where such things are expected). I did notice a floating bullet pickup (thing 496) which appears at -skipsec 31:35 but it is a minor point.

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Ahh thats super cool! I really enjoyed this map :)


Loads of really cool texturing/detailing ideas, I'm not much a fan of the aquatex pack any more but its super cool seeing really fun stuff being made with it. I liked seeing the zigzag wall design also being used as sector detailing elsewhere :P


Map was fun to play through, the 3 switches set up was cool and the big center room was a good setpiece to center it around. Once I got my bearings (after hitting switch 2 i think, i hadn't gotten 1 or 3 yet), I could find my way around no problem. I don't think I was ever lost. I thought it was funny that the last enemy you meet is the sargeant haha.


Really cool stuff! <3

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