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doom builder 2 doesn't work (windows 8.1 64 bit)

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I could install it without a problem,but when I try to run it I only get "the program has stopped working" how to fix it?

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so I tried running gzdoom editor and the "main menu" with pinky art works. unfortunately when I try to use "new map" and choosing resource (doom2.wad) and zdoom format (I added zdoom as engine in configurations) I get a "fatal non-UI error".

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Doombuilder2 and GZDoom Builder will run without problems on Windows8,

But you need to have DirectX9 and .Net Framework 3.5 installed.

Read Required software on the GZDB homepage.



Do not install under Program Files, use a dedicated folder elsewhere on the HDD.

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directx says that I have the same or newer version. I installed windows visual 2008 c++ without a problem,but windows framework 3.5 installator doesn't even launch. also I reinstalled gzdoom builder from installator (on disk d) but I still get "fatal non-UI error"

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