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Doom years resolutions.

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1) Make some more maps for my TREND.wad (True Evil Never Dies), which is a coop/survival wad for ZDaemon.

2) Hopefully release v3 of Fragfest FFA wad, and give some more detailing to the earlier maps.

3) Upload a lot of videos featuring the various great megawads I've played this whole year.

4) Replay some of the epic wads from Thursday Night Survival (TNS 2017).

5) Learn some more mapping techniques and get better at it.

6) Try to improve my 1-on-1 dueling skills.

7) Give Zandronum a shot maybe, but...

8) Will stick to ZDaemon!! <3

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Clear a mapset in the Doomworld Ironman challenge. 


Yeah... I know.... realistic goals 


Finish Return to Hadron E3


Be more active on the forums


Make maps for new projects, even the speedmapping sessions perhaps



Maybe someone needs to make it their mission to prod me at times as frankly I need to become more active in the project I lead as a start.

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Hm, definitely try more Doom mods (as it stands right now, I'm yet to play other mods than PB or BD) and become a better player.


And ever since I managed to actually create a very basic (not to mention small) map for Doom 2 I've been thinking about learning mapping "for real" (to say so) and make more (advanced) maps, if I'll have the time. It worked once, so I know I'm at the very least capable of creating something. Now all that's left is not giving up on the way like I all so often do when something doesn't work, or lose my interest.


I'll also try to engage more into various discussions around here rather than just act more like a lurker.

Edited by Agent6

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1. Map more often (& for fun instead of forcing myself) & eventually release the levels.


2. Play more WADs & appreciate the hard work of the great Doom community.


3. Less save scumming & limit myself to save only at the keys.


4. Learn more about GZBuilder.


5. Be more active in the site.

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1. Play a ton of WADS!


2. Beat TNT and Plutonia on UV or HMP


3. Play a bunch more multiplayer (coop yay)


4. Possibly look into modding and mapping, this one is a long shot though

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1. Keeping my mapping going, actually been releasing maps in the last year or so. Would like to keep that going.

2. Make a heretic map.

3. Try not to get banned from DW.

4. Do more reviews of newstuff.

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5 hours ago, Leia said:

To figure out how to get 100% of the Secret on every level on Doom original :)

Heh, I remember I had exactly that goal this year but not for Doom, rather with a lot of other classic FPS (Duke3D, Quake 1, Blood, Return to Castle Wolfenstein) I know I have finished many times but never bothered to find all secrets before. Attempting to find them on my own and if it took too long, checking on youtube what I've missed. Before that point, Doom 1/Ultimate/2 was the only FPS game I can confidently say I know where every single secret is. Maybe I should do TNT/Plutonia this year.

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1) Make another 4 map mini-episode (Serious Sidhe 2)

2) Make a whole episode (9 maps)

3) Start using custom midis instead of the vanilla Heretic ost

4) Make more DooM memes

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1. Post a map here for realsies.

2. Map more.

3. Keep dodging all the popular and classic megawads that are somehow required to play according to majority (to keep up with my unique snowflake doom-lyfe-style).

4. Make a mod for once (sensible and understandable tutorials are hard to come by)

5. Start on my super stupid map&modding project thingy (is that called TC?)

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1) Find more time for Dooming.

2) Finish a map that I've been making during summer. It is almost complete.

3) Finish playing 2002 ADO.

4) Go on with a game remake I've been planning to do on the Doom engine (not an exact remake, but it will have to be similar).

5) Learn some things about creating new enemies in Doom and adding them in WADs.

6) Play some more E1M1 (this has to be done regularly).

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1) Finish up the Doom Unity Replica

2) Stop Save-Scumming so much

3) Improve skills

4) Give more attention to underappreciated wads

5) Get good enough PC hardware to competently play Doom 2016

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I love how everyone's resolutions are do more Doom and never less. Not a single person has said "I need to cut down, I play too much". We all recognize there's no such thing as too much Doom.

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2 hours ago, Bauul said:

Not a single person has said "I need to cut down, I play too much". We all recognize there's no such thing as too much Doom.

9 hours ago, Decay said:

2. leave doom

(lol I had to be that guy)

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* Make some releases of CyberShade, happy even if it's just one quarter complete

* Be more active here... like post a thread about something, maybe some status updates too

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10 hours ago, Bauul said:

I love how everyone's resolutions are do more Doom and never less. Not a single person has said "I need to cut down, I play too much". We all recognize there's no such thing as too much Doom.

I was feeling that few days ago, when I started replaying every classic WAD from a list, and every time I finished one, I was like "what's the next one?". My brain on Doom. And everytime I fire up Doom, I feel it, the way the player moves/slides, the familiarity, it's instantly addictive. Meanwhile I had to work on some creative projects where I struggle to not procrastinate, but was doing everything else, watching youtube videos, spending time on the internet, playing Doom. Lamenting I don't have time anymore to play some other games in my Steam collection or the consoles and handhelds that collect dust, but only playing Doom. Yes, that's the only game I play for some long periods. I never thought of cutting it down, because it's awesome!

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1) Actually tackle my request list a bit more seriously.

2) Try not to UNFAIRLY criticise mappers and their maps due to myself struggling at their difficulty, providing it's reasonable. (i.e. rage less)

3) Consider making another Doom map. (speedmap or otherwise...)

4) Continue to help out new mappers when possible. (playtesting or otherwise)

5) Petition for a "No Revenants Community Project".

6) Take part in a speedrunning race, even if I end up last.

7) Possibly do some kind of co-op/multiplayer stream thing at some point in 2018.


EDIT: Wanted to modify this a bit.

Edited by Suitepee

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1. play some good .WADs (I was mostly playing vanilla d1 and 2 and after that with brutal doom)

2.finish vanilla doom 2 on ultra violence

3. make my own map

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1) Something I have in mind for a while : Beat Doom 2 in Nightmare, even recording a demo of the run.
2) Beat megawads I like in UV, like Alien Vendetta or Plutonia 2 (Yep, I have never beat these on UV).
3) Make maps and have the motivation to finish these maps.
4) Improving my mapping skills to make better maps.
5) Trying to participate more and less being a lurker (hard one).

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