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There's anyway to fix E1 of Heretic?


What i mean with this question is, there's anyway to completely remove the multiplayers stuffs from heretic episode 1 for a classic coop gameplay whitout acess to advanced shields and early eggs?


I dunno if mapping original heretic map just to remove multiplayer items is legal, so i need to ask...


Note: If i posted it in the wrong channel can someone move me?

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It is not OK to distribute modified Heretic maps, but assuming you're doing the coop in a ZDoom based port, you can use either DECORATE or MAPINFO to remove or replace all actors of specific types without modifying the maps.

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well with decorate i can remove items not from this episode like the ammos, but i still dunno how to do it for normal ep1 objects like the multiplayer egg in e1m1

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