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Pillar of Salt

[Heretic] Chainman's Labyrinth

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Recently decided to finish up a short, sweet, and qucik map I had made with the intention of submitting it to HUMP, but I completely ran out of time.


This is Slaveman's Maze, a shifting labyrinth of switches and monsters.


Health and ammo are... balanced, I think.


Vanilla/Boom compatible.


D/L: Attached






Edited by Pillar of Salt : Added the right version... a month-ish later!

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Same problem as mgr_inz_rafal, can't get out: Can't open the door, there's a visual bug when lowering the platform and then I get trapped in the pit.


Tried both links, seems to be the same file.



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On lundi 18 décembre 2017 at 4:20 AM, Pillar of Salt said:

Vanilla/Boom compatible.

I love Boom-compatible Heretic mods! :p

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