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Can you do this in Slade 3?


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What exactly you would like to do? In case you want to create window with sky behind, you don't need to use it as a wall texture.

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I want to do something like... I don't know.. Oh wait! Like in hellonearthstarterpack.wad, here, let me show you, I want to put the F_SKY1 on the wall, so he looks like this:


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In case you are using Vanilla, you can do this:
1) Make a window sector (for example ceiling 128 high, floor 64 high).
2) Make outside sector behind the window with F_SKY1 texture on ceiling (ceiling 160 high, floor 0 high).
3) Make sector, where the horizon should be with the F_SKY1 texture ceiling. It should have 0 height on the floor level of outside sector (ceiling 0 high. floor 0 high).

4) Keep the upper wall texture between outside sector and horizon sector without any texture.

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