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Intro, Intermission, and Read music

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IMO, these important music tracks really tie a wad together. I put a lot of weight into deciding what music track to apply to these particular slots. Its not easy to find something that fits the entirety of the wad.


Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to help with this problem? Are there any musicians here who have made a handful of good non-gameplay music tracks?


Like Doom 1 and 2, I like intros that are short but have a big burst of excitement in the beginning before fading off. I like Doom 2s drum solo thing in the beginning of its intermission. Doom 1s is pretty cool too. Text interlude music is usually quiet and peaceful or ominous and menacing. I don't really like using existing doom music tracks that weren't, by design, meant for these slots.


Does anyone have any tips for making, finding, or what to think about when picking the right track for these slots?

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