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Creating a texture pack with slade?




I made my texture as a PNG in gimp. I converted the image to the doom2 color palette with gimp also.


Now I have a PNG and I just want to use it in a map.


I tried importing my single PNG into slade but my mapping tool doesn't detect it when I add the wad as a resource.


I saw this tutorial also:



But that is not what I am trying to do. I'm not trying to import a texture from a texture pack, I'm trying to create a new texture from scratch.


I tried adding markers PP_START and PP_END and importing my png in between those two, but no luck.


I'm not sure why I can't find a basic tutorial on this.


My mapping tool (eureka) definitely works, I can add texture packs from realm667 and they work fine.





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First, it is P_START and P_END.


Once you have all your textures patches added to your wad, select them all, and right-click your selection. In the resulting menu, mouse down to Graphic. which will bring up another menu, where you should choose Add to Patch Table. If you don't already have a PNAMES lump and TEXTURE1 lump, Slade will offer to make them for you. Let it, and choose to import from base archive (which will probably be doom2.wad or maybe doom.wad or another iwad). Then, right-click again and go to the Graphic menu again and choose Add to TEXTUREx. Then, your textures should be ready to use. Maybe, going straight to the Add to TEXTUREx step will work, automatically adding them to PNAMES as well, but I don't know for sure because I am not an expert.


If you are making these textures for (G)ZDoom, simply put the textures between TX_START and TX_END and you're done.

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