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psx doom for gzdoom 3.2.4

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Hey guys, so im trying to set up the psx doom and I am using gzdoom 3.2.4 but im having problems.  The launcher goes to doom 2 on the pc.  SO I made a batch file '@echo off :RUN start gzdoom.exe -FILE PSXLOAD.PK3 +EXEC PSXDOOM.CFG -CONFIG PSXDOOM.INI exit'


So when I go to open the batch file, it opens for a second then just does nothing.  So it basically crashes.  Idk what else to do.  Any help is appreciated, I really wanna play the psx version on pc.  Thanks everyone!

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Did you wrote everything in that batch file in one line? That wouldn't work, because in batch files every comand should be on its own line.

Try deleting everything and just leave
in your batch file (without the quotes, of course).

And make sure that your batch file, gzdoom.exe and psx doom files are in the same folder.

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