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Expolision Studios

Where can I download GZDoom Builder?

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just make a directory where ever you like called GZDooMBuilder and either extract it to there r run the installer just work fine

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download this one Download GZDoom Builder 2.3 Installer (includes required prerequisites) run it and should be good then once installed run the program and setup your DOOM/DOOM2 IWAD and the directory to save your maps etc... start building :) inside the downloaded archive is one file run the setup and install it should be good to go .

Edited by doomerdaze : added more info

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8 hours ago, Expolision Studios said:

im not too sure what you meant by Extract, because i only recieved one file, and i can't extract that.

It's a .7z file right?


Get 7Zip and extract it.  It's a compressed folder.

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