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Where can really the UDMF be used?


Ok,so i am on to mapping again but i wonder what UDMF format stands for?It means Universal Doom Mapping Format.Well,is it compartivle with Vanilla?Can a well running ZDOOM UDMF map run well whem started from Doom in Dosbox,Eternity or othet engine diferent from ZDOOM?

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UDMF, Boom, vanilla are all 3 different map formats. They can all be used in one WAD at once, but they do not run simultaneously in-game. UDMF maps are not compatible with vanilla Doom EXE, DOSBox, or any other engine that doesn't support UDMF format.

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Format = how data is structured in a file. Compatibility = which ports the map properly works in. The relation between the two concepts is as follows: Format is a necessary but not sufficient condition for compatibility. In order to run an UDMF map, a port must not only support UDMF (here is a list of ports that do), but must support all specific features (line actions, sector types, etc.) used in the map. The editor configuration "ZDoom : UDMF", besides saving the map in UDMF, allows mappers to use ZDoom specific features, and if the mappers actually use the features in the map, the map won't run properly in non-ZDoom ports even if they support UDMF.

3 hours ago, Nevander said:

UDMF, Boom, vanilla are all 3 different map formats.

Actually they're UDMF, Hexen and vanilla, see map format. Boom format is technically identical to vanilla format, even though Boom compatibility is different from vanilla compatibility.

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