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Slade 3 No Longer Works For Me (!!!)

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Oh boy. I should've expected this a long time ago.

I was working on a mod, with edits being made for hours without being saved (Pretty sure I MIGHT'VE had to save at some point or another). Suddenly, when I switched to a different tab, Slade decides to say "fuck you" by crashing on me.

(NOTE: I cannot tell you how many times Slade has crashed on me. I've sent many crash reports, and my issue has yet to be solved.)

As expected, when I opened up Slade again, none of my changes were saved (Obviously), and I wasn't told about any backup files made. I decided to restart my computer at that point, with it updating upon startup. Yeah, I know, my computer has nothing to do with this program constantly crashing.

Now, whenever I try to load up a file, Slade doesn't take a while to load it up; Instead, it HANGS on the loading part. Thus, Slade is useless for me now.

For those who are wondering, my OS is Windows 10 Pro version 1709 build 16299.125, x32 bit. The computer is a Dell Latitude E6410.

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It sounds more like Slade crashing is a symptom, not the actual problem (especially because Slade crashing is not actually normal in the slightest). If it no longer starts properly after restarting your PC, then something just isn't right.


Go through the usual steps of deleting your existing version completely, nuke everything from C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\SLADE3download the latest, and then report back.

(Pro tip, do not change the temp directory from system when it asks, which it will ask if you deleted your config correctly.)

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Okay, so I just started up Slade again this afternoon. It's working now. Maybe the computer was trying to get used to the program after the restart?

Alas, this topic can be rendered pointless. Though, that's the case for pretty much every topic I start.

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