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My Gothic/Industrial musical project (Poisoned Wine)

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I compose music since 2007 or whatever. I've used to create some horrible wads with horrible reviews here some years ago (~2012), and some member used my midi works in some of his wads. Anyway, time has passed, my music evolved and I'm back to the doom obsession (Don't think I'll stay away for long this time). Here's my most cliché track:

A slightly more commercial track with another fellow brazilian:

A more industrial / disturbing one that got into a compilation:

A dark twist to a french 60s happy classic:

And an example of one of my more "creepy-pasta-like" stuff (Which is not meant to be pleasant), which is quite common on my channel / works.

BANDCAMP: https://poisonedwine.bandcamp.com/

I can still compose oldschool .mid files if someone wants it :) I also compose some neoclassical stuff:


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