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Can someone please help me with creating a samurai sword for EDGE?

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Ok, I have this great idea. See, right now I'm trying to make a samurai sword replacment for EDGE. I've already sketched out what it looks like and made some new graphics which are currently saved in seperate BMP files. Ok, now here's what I need to do. When editing the DDF files, you can basically edit nearly all of the aspects of a weapon or enemy or whatever, right. But, I need to know how to make it when the the sword is up, the player unsheaths the sword. Now, how do I do that with DDF? Another question is how would I be able to create totally new graphics in Wintex? I've already tried, but when I try to edit it, it'll have an error. BTW, I'm using Wintex ver. 4.3. I hope anyone can understand my questions.

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I'm not a japanese swordsmith, so I'm not sure I could help you with making the sword, although with an engine named like that I doubt you'll have problems finishing any type of sword.

Wintex allows you to choose what programs to call when you need to edit specific resources. But this is not necessary. Jusy use Paint Shop, Photoshop, or whatever to edit or draw the artwork and then add it to the WAD with Wintex normally.

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To do the sword stuff you need to have a look at the


then just add in all the frames you want to see(I'm assuming you've got the graphics done already)

To add new graphics with Wintex, I usually copy some similar ones from DOOM2.wad and paste them into my wad, then I change the names with wintex and start using "load from" to load the BMPs i've done into the wad.

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DarkStorm said:

lizardcommando, if you want I could do the ddf's for you. provided it's for Edge 1.27 as well

email: diptera_necro@yahoo.com

Oh really? Ok. I already tried with the DDF stuff. Hmm, let's see what worked... The graphics are good, the DDF scripting is a bit buggy though. The Sounds somewaht work. The only thing that bugs with the sound is that everytime I slash, the sound plays after each frame. (Somewhat of an example.... it sounds something like "sla-sla-sla-... er, whatever...) Um, that's all that is working. Now, the problem I am having right now is that the game crashes after maybe a minute or two after the game starts. The game also crashes when I switch to another weapon. Oh, and yes, it's for EDGE 1.27. I'll send you the file as soon as I try and organize the file abit.

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