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Nodebuilder compression


I am looking for a nodebuilder that can actually compress sidedefs and still be able to run the map. It has 97000 sidedefs.

  • ZokumBSP crashed.
  • DeepBSP and ZDBSP -Compress mode did not crash but the map cannot be run with PrBoom+.

So, how do I get out of this?


The Nodes Viewer plug-in in Doom Builder crashes when I try to run it.

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Solved the problem after two really annoying days. The error message was wrong. There was no compression. The solution is to use other nodebuilders. The only nodebuilders that work this close to the sidedef number limit are ZDBSP, DeepBSP and zokumbsp (but only on the "no reject" option).

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I'm afraid there is no possible way to run a map with that many lines in PrBoom. Hopefully someday PrBoom will get proper support for compressed nodes.

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OK, now something really wierd happenend. I cannot do any changes to my level without PrBoom plus telling me that it does not support ZDoom compressed nodes. What did I inadvertly do that the nodebuilder thinks I want compressed nodes?

I have reduced my sidedefs to just under the allowed limit of 256x256=65536 to 65469 so I should be OK without compressed nodes which do not run anyway with PrBoom. My levels runs without problems but the moment I do any editing at all, save and and run a nodebuilder (not ZDoom compressed) I get the error message and the levels does not run.

Any clues? I am really worried though I think the solution is a simple one. I just need your expertise.

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From the PrBoom-plus changelog:

Quote  @ 2010-Aug-15

[+]Added support for DeePBSP v4 extended nodes.

[+]Added support for ZDoom's uncompressed extended nodes.

So it sounds like if your node builder is generating *compressed* extended nodes, that PrBoom-plus won't load it.


So you need to look into whatever actual command line is being run, and look for this option:


--compress or -z

Compresses the node information. Compressed nodes are identical to extended nodes, but they take up less space. If GL nodes are built, they will be compressed as well.

And remove it.

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