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Just finished DOOM 2016.

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Well, a few weeks ago I bought DOOM 2016. Figured it had aged enough I guess. ;) Here's my impressions.


Overall, it was enjoyable. Much more than I thought! I thought for certain that I'd be "mostly annoyed" at how it wasn't "real DOOM!" (I'm old and cantankerous...so that's usually my initial reaction to anything newfangled...). Surprise surprise, I actually quite enjoyed it.


The slow introduction of monsters was good. (Oh, I played it on Ultra-Violence...go big or go home I say!) The maps themselves started off interesting enough, with some good 'vibes'. But, as I progressed, the true suckiness that is the limitations of "SnapMap" became painfully obvious! I blame this fault squarely on whichever corporate suit decided that console gamers needed to play the same game as PC gamers. >:( Fuck that! I have nothing against console gamers...consoles are great for what they do; allow "anyone" to put a disk in and hit the power button...and play. But as for being "good" for video gaming? Not really. It's a "lowest common denominator" thing. PC Games can just do SO-O much more that there really is no comparison. To this degree, I felt that the edict to make the game playable 'equally' as PC and Console did a BIG disservice to the potential of what DOOM 2016 could have been. It's like the difference between the full "Shogun" mini-series and the "Shogun" movie. The mini-series is just over 9 hours in length...the other is a hair over 2 hours. BIIIIIG difference!


Anyway, the biggest let down was the "boss" fights. The cyberdemon and the spider mastermind. They were just round rooms where you hammered at the boss until they ran out of hit points, or you did. Boring as hell. :(  The other fights leading up to them were fun...different heights, things to climb on, hide behind, and all that stuff made your choice of weapons and your choice for Praetor Armor upgrades actually affect your fighting style matter. But with the bosses? Virtually none of that. Just "here's a big room...go!" Why? (probably has something to do with limitations of Console/Snapmap?)


The end result for me: I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. :)  I'm going to do another run through it, but this time try some different approaches and try and do a 'completionist' run while I'm at it (did pretty good first time around). Could DOOM 2016 have been better? Hellz yes! Ditch the whole limitation of SnapMap and open up the whole thing for full-on modding for one! For a second thing, allow more "free wandering" of locations; being able to finish one 'level', but not end it when you see you left three secrets and an Argent so you can wander around and try and find them would be good.


I'll give it a 4 out of 5 pentagrams. 


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Doom 16' did have it's limits on far as it being completely identical to Doom 1 and 2, but for the most part it proved to be a ton of fun. The boss fights were a huge let down considering I just kept using the Gauss Cannon{way to overpowered in my opinion, kinda takes away from the prime of the BFG} to finish them off. The SpiderMastermind reminds me of the Metroid Prime boss from the Metroid Prime 1 game, it was cool how they designed it, but for it's massive size it was easy to kill same with the CyberDemon. The Cyber and Spider from D1 and 2 were easy to kill, but they more intimidating in the old school type of way. The levels were really cool, but just didn't have that huge landscape feel as the original Doom games had and it was more heavy Metal and skulls more than anything. I didn't mind the Metal music, but it was there whenever you had a big battle and then after it went away. Doom 16' did have it's flaws, but hey as a casual fan of Doom I appreciated it and was real fun to play. I was impressed with the monster infighting I thought that was cool. 

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