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Any download links for Samsara:Extra Heroes?

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The normal Samsara mod is a really cool crossover mod to play alone and with friends. I found a secure Moddb link for the normal Samsara, but I can't find any trust worthy download links for the other version with even more heroes, Samsara:Extra Heroes. So, can some people find me secure download link for Samsara:Extra Heroes?

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26 minutes ago, Ultifragger606 said:

I have been looking for the same thing, did you ever find one?


I found one but it wasn't trust worthy AT ALL. It probably is just a virus or something else.

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I got it from Doom Edplorer when I joined to some abardonned server using this mod


It donwloads the mod automatically to a specific folder but I think its only zandronum compatible.


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