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UAC REBORN#scrapet

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its for doom 1.i had better projects plus it was random and i just decided to cancel it.if any body has any idea for doom map just tell me.



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Welcome to the forum. 


First of all, you need to give more information when posting maps. At the very least, say how many. I expected to play one map, but then it was four. As for the maps themselves, I'm sorry, but they are not good.


1) Doomguy can only ascend 24 units. If you are supposed to enable jump, you need to say that.

2) You can't just throw 150 barons of hell in a map without a rocket launcher, plasma gun, or BFG, even if the rooms are not rectangle. Even if someone does manage to defeat them all with a chaingun and limited ammo, it will be super boring.

3) It's not very good design to have thousands of continuous pixels all in the same texture.

4) It's not very good design to have blatant texture misalignments. For example, if you want to use BIGDOOR, then your door should probably be 128 wide.

5) You appear to have at least one secret (E1M1) without marking the sector as secret.

6) None of your exits is marked at all. This can be alright sometimes, but usually when it's a W exit, not a S exit. 

7) You have a number of massive, yet pretty much empty areas. In E1M1, there's a huge area with no items and no monsters, and no reason to enter at all, since you encounter the exit first. 


The maps are basically just geometry with enemies. Experiment with different textures, obstacles, traps, smaller spaces, guided progression, etc.



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Im working on a new map called DEMONRUN it is were you have to run on demon heads.from zombies to spider masterminds.it well be fast making.



will be hard.


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