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Brown - My first map on Doomworld

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Although this is not my first attempt at mapping, I never published any of my maps on the interwebz. So, some time ago I decided to make a wad that would be my first publication on Doomworld and after four weeks (more or less) of making, I proudly present to you: BROWN.WAD.

The wad features:
-one map with Quake 1 aesthetic theme and about 10 minutes of gameplay.
-two difficulty levels:
 -easy: some of the more dangerous traps are easier
 -hard: the default option

Map was tested with Zandronum 3.0, GZDoom 3.2.3 and ZDoom 2.8.1 so it should run on any port that supports UMDF, but
WILL NOT WORK ON Zandronum 2.1.2

So, I think that's all. Have fun playing my map and share your thoughts.














Edited by UgiBugi : replaced download with idgames link

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The area with lava looks amazing, but bioshock fan is right, most of the areas look extremely dark, I imagine seeing the enemies and especially shooting them is going to be difficult at times.

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Thanks. I admit, I was going for the lack of light but the effect may be overdone at some places. I myself am playing with gamma turned up a bit, so when I was testing everything looked somewhat brighter. I will take that into account when making next map.

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I did play this but didn't have a lot of time. I don't remember thinking it was too dark. I thought it was pretty good for as far as I got. Keep at it.

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Just played through, lovely looking map with a very good layout. Struggled abit with the difficulty, plenty of revenants and chain gunners popping up in close quarters.


Keep up the good work.  


EDIT: While a few bits in the map were a bit too dark, for the most part the lighting is acceptable.

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Thanks for making this map! Small review, what I liked and disliked.


Gonna give you 5/5 for the map design, the used textures were excellent, and I can see the level of detail put on the map. Like small details on the walls and the way, you played with the floor height. the map. Like small details on the walls and the way, you played with the floor height.


Level layout also 5/5 the map was small but very interesting to play cool ways to create the rooms were used, I liked the stairs at the beginning of the level and somehow you managed to create a bridge which was new to me.


Ammo and health distribution  2/5 I played this map on the hard mode, and I was almost always out of ammo. I, unfortunately, missed the super shotgun, which made things even worse. When I tried to go back to get it ( near the golden door ) the lift got stuck midway and I was unable to go back. Most of the time at the level I was on very low HP and I always ran out of bullets. The only refills were rushing to the nearest pile of ammo and ignoring all enemies ( while getting shot..)



I would give you 2/5 on that as well. I am not aware how many maps you have made, this map looked great, but the difficulty was really extreme. Like said before, the ammo/HP was scarce, there were too many revenants, and high tier monsters to fight with and the only weapons you had were shotgun or machine gun. Next time you make a map, let someone else play it before submitting. Sometimes when you keep playtesting by yourself you get great on the map and keep adding difficulty.


Overal enjoyability 3/5

While the map looked excellent and was designed well, the enemies were a chore or just unfair. I literally skipped the end, did not even pick up the rocket launcher and just ran to the end because it was just really bad design there. However, I finished the level because the level design/textures and work put into that was really great and made me want to explore more. Little recommendation from me, make more secret rooms/places that offer more ammo but don't make the player rely on finding secrets, but an opportunity to find ammo/power-ups never hurts. PS: I found the only secret too!


Thanks for making the map, thanks for reading this review, the purpose of the review is to make future maps more enjoyable for others, and not to insult anyone.





 The two revenants up on the bridge completely ignored them at the level start. They feel unnecessary, as you can kill them through the gate, while they are harmless to the player.





Suddenly, remembered that the super shotgun was there as I ran out of ammo and the next room had even harder enemies, couldn't backtrack,




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Thanks for such a thorough review!

Indeed without an ssg, later parts of the map are literally unplayable. I just assumed that player would have ssg by then and deliberately cut off the way back up, because I was afraid that some players would overlook the red door and backtrack too much, probably I should have resolve this in some other way.

And as for the rest, these were clearly overlooks from my side,  thanks for pointing these things out, it really helps! I'll try to make sure that my next map will have none of these problems. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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