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Is it OK to share a compilation pack that contains all the monsters,some weapons made by the Doom community?

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I think you should read the title.

Well,I have modified Scoredoom's addonpack and bonuspack to be compatible with GZDoom.

Is it OK to share it?

Edited by Cacodemon345

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Am I the only one that finds simply barking "I think you should read the title" in OPs as borderline rude?


You're not exactly encouraging civil conversation when your first post comes across as somewhat sneering and condescending.


Edited by Bauul

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8 hours ago, Cacodemon345 said:

I am new to the forums.

I did not expect it from you,@Bauul


Sorry, you're right, that did come across grumpier than I intended. 


All I was trying to say was that I quite like to read something in the OP itself, even if it's essentially a repeat of the title. I didn't mean it to come across as a personal dig on you.


Edited by Bauul

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