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Best slaughter maps?

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I want to find a good and challenging slaughter map to play on my free time. Please don't list Plutonia level 32 since I already know about that. 

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Well, research and posting links take some time and others already responded, whatever, my suggestions:


- Newgothic Movement 1, 2

- Stardate 20x7

- Toilet of the Gods

- Sunder

- Slaughterfest 2012

- Deus Vult I, II

- Rush


Haven't played most of these ones though, but have some knowledge thanks to videos and streams. As for wads that contain slaughter gameplay in some maps:


- Resurgence

- Valiant

- Ancient Aliens

- Speed of Doom

- Oscillation

- Going Down

- Unholy Realms


Then you have Plutonia 2, Plutonia Revisited and Urania for remakes of Go 2 It.

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Oku2v31.wad. It's pretty darn challenging, has a few fights I don't like, but overall I enjoy playing it.


For medium challenge, I recommend eaxt.wad. For "light slaughter", my favorites are Phmlspd and Newgothic Movement 1 (and 2, but 1 was better IMO).

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