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ECMac - A Mac TC for ECWolf

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NOTE: I'm not too sure as to whether I should put this topic here or in the "others" section, but, this one seems to fit most.




ECMac? What the Hell is that?

ECMac is a mod for ECWolf (A Wolfenstein 3D source port) that attempts to imitate the look and feel of the Mac OS Classic version of Wolfenstein 3D... without interfering with the levels.


Any new features?

ECMac boasts compatibility for Spear of Destiny and a bit of some extra content so that nothing "sticks out".


What about those exclusive items?

Ah, yes, let's talk about those.



Randomly replacing the extra life, this item can not only provide you with ammo, but can also double (Or, in some cases, triple) your maximum amount of ammo.


Box of rockets

This ammo item can give you 5 rockets. This randomly replaces the bullet box, but can still be obtained in Wolf3d via the aforementioned backpack.


Gas canister

This is an ammo type that gives the player 14 ammo points upon pickup. It randomly replaces the bullet box.


Rocket launcher

A very powerful weapon, shoots rockets at its enemies. Best used against bosses. Randomly replaces the gatling gun.



This weapon throws flames against enemies, using gas ammo. Best used against bosses. Randomly replaces the gatling gun.


This looks interesting, but what about screenshots?

Here ya go.





Public beta is now available! Get it here:


Edited by GamingMarine : Public beta available now!

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Oh! this looks pretty cool!
Are you planning to extend compatibility to the SOD mission packs? A guy on the zdoom forums did a similar HD pack (not Mac centric), but the missionpack files didn't support the SD2 and SD3 file extensions.

Edited by DANZA

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I think the effort would be better spent on a patch with interface and music resources to make the actual Mac version more enjoyable in ECWolf.

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14 hours ago, DANZA said:

Are you planning to extend compatibility to the SOD mission packs?

I might do that at some point, most likely in a future update of the mod.

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This looks really interesting! I'd love to play it once it's out! Have you thought about posting this on DieHard Wolfers? Cause the people on those forums would especially be interested in this.

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Here's some stuff I forgot to mention in my original post.


-ECMac will be compatible with Android. While the actor states are from Blzut3's WIP Mac compatibility, the actors themselves don't inherit traits from the Mac actors.

-ECMac is based off of Ceejay's Enhancement Pack. This should explain the HUD in the screenshots.

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Thread bump time yay


Here's some more information about ECMac.


-A public beta will be available soon, once I get everything ironed out. Most bosses won't work properly, though.

-ECMac will be the first mod in a series called the "Classic Conversion Collection" (CCC), which will be a series of ECWolf mods that attempt to recreate a specific version of Wolfenstein 3D in the best way possible. Here is the planned order that these mods will be released:

#1: Macintosh version (ECMac)

#2: SNES version (The Claw of Eisenfaust)

#3: Alpha DOS version (Wolf Delta)

#4: Jaguar version (Jaguar Legends) (Placeholder title)


That's all for now.

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8 minutes ago, SiFi270 said:

Will Wolf Delta have EGA-style graphics?

Wolf Delta will contian all of the graphics that were changed between the alpha and the final release, which were in the process of being converted from EGA to VGA, so, yes.

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Nice. I was trying to play Mac Wolf 3D last week on my iMac G4, but the mouse controls are completely broken. I'd love to try this out in ECWolf when it's ready.


Also, Jaguar conversion? Hell yes! That version is great.

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