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How to add TID?

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Hey everyone, firstly sorry for this, but I'm new in scripting. I want to do that after I killed an enemy, it drop a key (red,blue skull or key it doesn't matter ). I already read ideas like: ,,Thing_SpawnNoFog(5, 85, 0);" but for this i need to add a TID for the enemy if I know well. But I don't know how! I'm creating in (GZ)Doom Builder-Zdoom:Doom2(Hexen Format).  I already read some pages but nothing, The closest one was ,,Right click on the thing and in the actions menu I can give a TID but I can't find it.

Please help me, if some one can, please do a step by step! 

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It's not that difficult.

First place the player, some ammo and weapon, then place a spawnspot, for example type 9013, and give it a TID. Here that thing in the middle.




Then edit the monster and attach an action to it, here to spawn a red key at spawnspot 101




Shooting the monster will spawn the key.


Consult the ZDoom WIKI 




Or, instead of attaching a single action to the monster, you could attach a script, action 80, so that more than one action can be performed.


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