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Help inverted negative colors with resolution change

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Guys i need some help..


Im not sure if its my pc at fault or gzdoom/zandronum..

Its a new build pc crappy but good enough for doom and such anyways

When i change resolution most of them work fine but theres also a few in there when i go and use it suddently my whole screen will be negative colors/inverted and all weird colors i then change resolution back or to diff one and Its gone,theres like 4 diff reso that give these colors both in gzdoom and zandronum...


has any one seen this before do u know what i mean???

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15 minutes ago, MrD!zone said:

How the hell did you do that in the first place?

I only changed resolution the 1025x768 does it for me but not 1280x720 u think theres something wrong with the build?

Everytime in gzdoom and zandronum if u set it to that resolution it happens also i tried a diff video card same thing but in diff settings


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