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[Maps] Project: Kate. (v1.1)

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Stay strong and keep being awesome and helpful to everyone as you always do, and you'll keep her memory alive.


I'll give these a playthrough when I get home.

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.-*EDIT*-. -> Some, or all of these demos may be outdated and will desync due to some recent updates to the maps!

I hope somebody likes watching these demos. They're not great, but I chose to post them anyway, because it's all I can really do at the moment, and I just wanted to do something.


-GZDoom 3.2.4 required-










All these can easily be improved on, if somebody wants. I didn't manage to max map03, because I do not have it in me to replay that map as much as I'd need to at the moment. Perhaps I'll try again later.


I wish I could do something more for you, Jimmy, and everybody else who is going through this just like you are.

Edited by Nine Inch Heels

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I did not know kate, be it irl or even online BUT, it is still saddening to lose someone from this wonderful community :(


This is beautiful jimmy, stay strong and remember that we will always be there for you. 


I will play this later, i dont think ill be able to write up a review or something but, i will still play through it ;) 


May kate rest in piece.

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God damn it I swear every time I upload something I find a problem with the map(s).


Just hotfixed v1.1, same download. All it does is change a couple of torches in MAP03 to be blue instead, since the palette change makes the dynamic lights look dumb if you have them on. Sorry.

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9 minutes ago, SuaveSteve said:

Was I suppose to archvile jump out?

Yes. Gotta use the invul to press the two switches on those "ledges", then kill off the viles and imps in the centre.

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1 hour ago, NaturalTvventy said:

Who was Kate?

A member of the ZDoom forums well known for being an inventive modder and all-round good person. Beyond that I couldn't tell you, as I didn't know her all that well.

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1 hour ago, NaturalTvventy said:

Who was Kate?

She was mostly active on ZDoom-land and had kinda ducked out of the community a few years back, but she was super-close friends with a few folks here (myself included). More info here.


I realize I hadn't commented on this publicly yet, but even independent of the backstory, this is a great set of maps. MAP03 is pretty durn tricky gameplaywise, but fittingly so. And once you add in the rest, this is just... exactly correct. Thank you so much once more, sir Jimmysir, for making this. :D

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