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Color Issues with Older Source Ports.

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I've been screwing around with old source ports a lot. I have been using primarily PrBoom 2.02 and WinMBF for being almost direct ports of Boom and MBF, respectively. Both of those ports offer a fullscreen video mode (which is my preferred way to play). However, in both of those, I cannot use the fullscreen mode (windowed works fine) without it looking something like this:


You can still have this happen in modern versions of PrBoom+ if you start alt+tabbing around with a low color depth, but all it takes is a palette swap (like picking up an item) to fix it. With these old ports (as far as I know), you can't get rid of the colors, unless there's something I'm missing.


So basically my question is: is there a way to get rid of the bad colors, or am I just going to have to deal with windowed mode?

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These are probably old enough to use DirectDraw, and that's messed up by Explorer on Windows 7 (not 100% sure if latter too, but probably.)


Try this:
1. open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc or right-click on empty space on taskbar)

2. Terminate explorer.exe on the Processes (win7) / Details (win8+) tab

3. Use the File->Run menu in task manager to browse for the doom engine executable and start it.


No matter if it worked or not, after you're done with Doom you can do file->run->explorer.exe to get your desktop back.


If it didn't help, it may be related to your GPU drivers (heard something about one of the two big-brands breaking low color modes completely in recent drivers; Intel should work though.)


If it helped, you can try this below  to create a permanent compat flag (I confirm this worked for me for some old games like AoE2):




For the record, Procmon is available from Microsoft Sysinternals - website at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/

 and direct download at https://live.sysinternals.com/



From: http://www.sevenforums.com/gaming/100379-how-i-fixed-corrupt-color-palette-some-old-games-windows-7-a.html

Step 1: Download / install and run Procmon.exe

Step 2: Run game with all default compatability settings ( eg: none except maybe "run as admin"

Step 3: Alt Tab out of game to Procmon window

Step 4: setup a filter on Procmon -> Path : to "DirectDraw\MostRecentApplication" set as include

Step 5: all going well it should show some entries relating to your game

Step 6: Look at the ID (it'll show up as a DWORD.) you'll need to convert this to a hex value

Step 7: open up regedit.exe and go to section "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectDraw\Compatibility\"

Step 8: Make a new Key in there naming it to something that resembles the game your running

Step 9: make a new Binary value and name it "Flags"

Step 10: double click on that newly created field and type in the Hex values " 00 08 00 00"(it will add in the spaces for you) then press enter

Step 11: make a new DWORD value and name it "ID"

Step 12: double click on that newly created field and type in the values you've converted DWORD value as DECIMAL then press enter

Step 13: make a new string value entry named "Name"

Step 14: double click on that newly created field and type in the text from Procmon as displayed for the Name of the program

Step 15: export the entries that you've just made as a backup for future use (eg: on a rebuild of your computer or something)




4 minutes ago, ETTiNGRiNDER said:

Aw heck, that's what I get for typing from memory instead of searching for a good existing instruction :p


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Oh wow, what a weird thing to have screwed up, on the os side too. Those methods definitely work though. Thanks!

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