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Triple monitors in original DOOM 1...

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Did anyone try it back then? Also, why did id Software remove it?


Thank you in advance. :)

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As cool as it would be to slay demons on 3 different screens, for the older games it seems a bit too much.

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4 hours ago, ant said:

Also, why did id Software remove it?

According to https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Three_screen_mode


From Doom v1.2 onwards, three screen mode no longer worked. It is a common misconception that it was intentionally removed, but analysis of the Doom and IPXSETUP/SERSETUP source code does not support this. Rather, it is more likely that the feature was unintentionally broken by a refactoring of the networking code that took place between the v1.1 and v1.2 releases. The v1.2 release saw Doom's networking support split out into external "drivers" that provided support for different networking protocols, leaving the main doom.exe agnostic about how network data is transmitted.

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2 hours ago, ant said:

Perfect and thanks. Wow, that video made me dizzy!

Naw, it's actually pretty cool. You have to turn the left and right monitors around you in a semi-circle, and sit somewhere in the middle to get the proper effect. The video shows the 3 screens inline, which, yeah, looks confusing. But when you actually set it up with the monitors turned, it's pretty awesome!

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