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Christmas 2017 Damage Report (AKA what did you get?)

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Time for the annual damage report! For me:


  • $300 check (thought it was 200 at first)
  • Pop! Games DOOM Cyberdemon
  • PixelPals 8 bit themed Skyrim Dragonborn LED figure
  • Philips Sonicare "Essence" 5000 electric toothbrush
  • Toothpaste for accompanying toothbrush
  • Tin of assorted chocolates
  • Lotto ticket
  • Dragon "book" money holder
  • Light jacket
  • 2 hoodies
  • Flannel loungewear
  • Sweatpants
  • Shirt
  • Mesh chair


Here are previous threads of this manner for the curious:

2016 thread

2015 thread

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  • Craft set
  • GTX 1050 TI 4GB "SuperClocked"
  • Atari Flashback 8
  • Tiny Sock Monkey
  • Tiny Stretch Armstrong

Also, my oldest brother got what any sane person would get someone as a joke gift: Sonic Forces.

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Socks and velvet leggings

The Art of Atari book

Knife sharpener

HP Lovecraft audio drama of "The Color of Outer Space"

Some money, which is going to buy me some new piercings and clothes

A few anxiety attacks :(

English-Esperanto dictionary

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Lots of candies and chocolate
and I gifted myself some visual novels, because why not?

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A small flashlight which clips onto a hat.

A flashlight device shaped like a lightbulb with a hook on the bottom.

Box of chocolate cherry liqueurs.

Small box of Cadbury favorites.

Ferraro Rocher 16x box.

I bought two lottery tickets worth around $33 together for myself a few days ago, one of them didn't win and the other one is drawn on the 30th, I do hope I win.

Edited by Avoozl

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Black Shirts




I'd appreciate if people stopped gifting me black t-shirts, feels like they're giving me coal.

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3 minutes ago, Anidrex_1009 said:

This year they did not give me anything ... which makes me feel a little bad because I'm not too old either.

I have been nagging my brother for a New 3DS for a year now and i still didn't get it >:O nor any other present.

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Xmas Damage report:

Untold Liver and Kidney damage (Xmas Day).
Killed an undetermined amount of Brain Cells (Xmas Day).
Emptied out all of my Electrolytes (Xmas Day).

Lost one Seagate Archive 8Tb HDD, and the third drive from Seagate that died prematurely. (luckily, this time, I was able to back the data up).

Lost a lot of money on one unplanned, emergency and rather expensive 10Tb WD Gold Enterprise 7,200RPM HDD (Never buying Seagate again!).
Lost all of Xmas Eve cloning nearly 8Tb's of data to a new and expensive HDD (All day and night).

Lost 5 hours of my life fixing my rig after it got damaged by NVIDIA's woeful 388.71 Display driver (Xmas Day).

Had to deal with the extended family. *Ugh!

Boxing Day Hangover (Today).


Overall, not the merriest Xmas I've had (For me or my wallet).

Edited by hoover1979 : Fixing Typos made because of Hangover Vision.

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I got a $100 check from my parents, some white chocolate, some fancy hazelnut chocolate, a tote bag and a Dwight Schrute bobble-head.

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A shitload of snacks 

About 100$ in cash

A 20 dollar VR mobile headset for android/IOS devices 

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds...for Xbox One



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Got a 4-pack of Monster Energy and Red Bull, some chocolate bars, and a $25 gift card for Amazon. That's just what I got from my parents, I already bought a shit load of stuff for myself using my paychecks. I've started to amass a CD collection of my favorite bands. So far I own full discographies of six bands (Dream Theater, Opeth, Tool, Lost Horizon, Liquid Tension Experiment and Dragonforce).

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This year's Christmas was kinda lacking in gifts other than the usual socks and undies but I'm okay with that. We were short on money and I enjoy Christmas mostly just for the dinner and the chill time anyway. I did at least get a new pillow, though, so finally I can get some decent sleep without feeling like shit in the morning.


I also got some cool items gifted to me by a bunch of friends on a website game, and treated myself to about $40 worth (in ingame currency) of more good stuff on said game, so that's pretty neato.

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shower stuff/smellies.


A giant emoji mug. (The poo one)

Friday the 13th for PS4.


Quite varied really.

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I live 5,000 miles from my family, so gifts tend to be gift cards. But this year I got a rather weird selection:


- Two biographies

- Tickets to an ice hockey game

- Tickets to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra

- Amazon vouchers for a different country from where I live

- A bottle opener that looks like a parrot

- Purple socks

- A selection of jokes about cheese

- Foreign chocolate

- A Japanese plant pot shaped like a cat with its tongue hanging out


Yeah, it was a weird Christmas!



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A new pair of jeans and socks, tons of chocolate and other candies, and that's about it really, not a shitload of stuff this year.

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christmas gifts:


no-one yelled at anyone else

the turkey came out right

we were allowed to mute the tv when ed sheeran and the queen were on

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4 Steam games, 3 of which I bought myself and 1 was gifted to me.

The joy of successfully setting up a virtual machine running Windows 98.

The additional joy of successfully playing Unreal on the former.

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9 hours ago, hoover1979 said:

Xmas Damage report:
Lost all of Xmas Eve cloning nearly 8Tb's of data to a new and expensive HDD (All day and night).


Oh boy!! Did you do that manually bit-by-bit??

Doesn't the operating system of you choice provide an automatic backup/restore?


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