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Where is the 4th secret? [TVR!]

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Maybe I am a noob and it's a simple thing I didn't notice. Something that bothers me, I haven't seen something like that before, it's a technical curiosity.


I was playing TVR! and I encountered this on MAP05 again.

I have 3 out of 4 secrets and the 4th appears nowhere when I search for the 4th secret by enabling "Show Secrets always" and IDDTing.

I thought it might be not visible, so I fired up Doombuilder and search for all secrets. But there are still three! How is this possible? Does it happen to other WADs, is that a bug that can happen depending on how you make your maps?

I am using GZDOOM so maybe I should try with vanilla or others.




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Cool, there is a lot of info there. I should have searched for this on the forum before posting, although sometimes it's easy to miss a related thread using the wrong keywords.

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