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Edge Nearly Launched

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El Lobo's Edge Shell/Launcher (pronounce ESL if you dare) is in its final beta test phase and should be available for download on his site in an incredibly short amount of time. Let the slow uploader speak:

It is (as the name implies) primarily aimed at the EDGE source port, but it also has partial support for most other source ports. It is also the main reason why the FirstGen TC demo will most likely NOT be released before the end of summer (I got big time sidetracked with this front end).

Damn, this page was in deep need for a lazy copy/paster.

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Julian said:

"Damn, this page was in deep need for a lazy copy/paster".
"pronounce ESL if you dare"

Eh? What's that mean?

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Lobo said:

Eh? What's that mean?

English as a Second Language.

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