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Player number in Fraggle/LegacyScript


In multiplayer, how do I get the player number, so I can refer to it in code?


I'm trying to make a linedef that only teleports player 1 elsewhere when it's crossed. Ideally it'd only be activated by player 1, but that's optional right now.


I've tried a "print(player);" and "print(playerobj)" and "print(trigger);", but player and playerobj just gives me crazy numbers, which are the same to both players in multiplayer, and trigger just gives me the "doomplayer" string.


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OK, I sort of figured this out. You need to use "player(x)" to refer to the player, "x" being the player number. Player 1 is actually player 0.


Funny thing is that if I use player 1, player 2 gets kicked off of the server on the PSP as soon as it teleports. It works fine if I teleport player 2, however.

yay glitches


Anyway, my code looks like this:

script 1
	//teleports player 2, actually
	if(trigger == player(1))
		teleport(player(1), 14); //14 = sector tag with the teleport thingie


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