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Man of Doom

New Doomguy Cosplay Helmet (for Shin Doomguy)

New Cosplay Helmet  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. What color should the new helmet be?

    • Green (current color; Doom 2016)
    • Beige (more recognizable; classic Doom)
    • Grayish-Black (consistent palette; Quake Champions)

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Since I can’t edit an existing topic to include a poll, I figured to just make another thread. 


So yesterday (as of this thread’s creation), I just received a new cosplay helmet.

However, the main issue here is just how to paint said helmet, and what color it should be. I’ve tried asking around every possible community I could find so far (Instagram, Discord, etc.), but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what color this helmet should ultimately be. 


In the poll, the three options are:


Green (the helmet’s current color, and apparently the most popular option on Instagram so far; only real issue is that I could end up being mistaken for Master Chief far more easily, not to mention that the Doomslayer’s helmet being green is a surprisingly common misconception)


Beige (for a more recognizable look, and supposedly the real color of the Doomslayer’s helmet; I just purchased some matte spray paint of this color, and this is the actual color of the Doomslayer’s helmet, albeit a very subtle shade of brown/beige)


Grayish-Black (to give my overall cosplay a more consistent palette, but I may not be as recognizable)


What’s your take on this issue?

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