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Randy Is Alive

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Randy Heit updated his site two days ago after 3 months of silence. He talks a bit about some work he did on ZETH and, of course, about his little baby of a source port:

I do not know when "soon" will be for the next ZDoom. I am putting the finishing touches on it now, which consists primarily of moving some more options into the menus and figuring out how I want to layout the new list of console commands and variables. Since this is something I do in my free time, I cannot adhere to any sort of release schedule.

I love come-backs.

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I wonder if TeamTNT will still release Daedalus after ZDooM 1.23 final is released. I hope they haven't completely given up on it.

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To dispel the rumors that TeamTNT has given up on Daedalus: Alien Defense is totally bogus. We have been working very hard on this project and we have been working with Randy as a testing platform for new or modified features being incorporated into ZDoom. All the maps are completed and we are now working on smoothing out the scripting issues. We are also into a very extensive testing phase of the project at this time to squash all the bugs we can find. TeamTNT is not known for releasing "buggy" products as most of you well know because of this attention to detail. When will it be released? The classical phrase..."When it's done" applies here. TeamTNT is still around and is not dead and buried as some may think. Thanks everyone!

Cadman - Member TeamTNT

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