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Were there any changes from Doom 1 to Doom 2 besides new additions?

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15 hours ago, TurrboAnklet said:

I know that some of the textures from 1 aren't included in 2, but I was wondering if there were other changes.


1) A new weapon: Double Barreled Shotgun

2) New enemies: Pain Elemental, Chaingunner, Revenant, Hell Knight, Mancubus, Arachnotron, Archvile, Icon of Sin/Demon Spitter (Level 30 final boss), as well as the Nazis and Commander Keens in the Wolfenstein 3D-themed secret levels.

3) Megasphere powerup, which gives you 200% health and 200% armor.

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I think some things in the code did work differently compared to the Doom 1 of the time, with regard to a few line triggers and such, but then when Ultimate Doom was released those code changes got backported so vanilla Doom 1 as it's usually understood contains them now too.


Someone with more expertise on the inner workings of early Doom would have to weigh in to give you the details, but I know for certain that there are a few very early Doom 1 PWADs that do not work correctly on Doom v1.9 (probably v1.666 as well?) due to action trigger changes.


I believe that Lost Souls were originally part of the end-of-level kill tally as well, before Pain Elementals were a thing.

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